Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play? – Full Explanation #1

Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play? This is a common question among gamers these days. PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending online royale battle games these days. Today, it is rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of this particular game.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game available in both FPP and TPP modes. This game brought a revolution to the mobile gaming community. People are starting to spend more time on mobile games than on PC games.

Reasons Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play?

Highly advanced graphics and adjustable control settings are the main attractive features of this royale battle game. Day by day, the number of PUBG Mobile players is increasing all over the world.

The total number of PUBG Mobile players is more than around 860,400 this day. Almost all players of all ages (11yrs–35yrs) are interested in this royale battle game. However, most of the players keep on mentioning that PUBG Mobile is so hard to play.

Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play?

Well, every game is all about the mind and technique. Players must have the skills and strategies to achieve victory in every game. Talking about PUBG Mobile, it is a highly advanced open world, player vs. player death match. Players get a lobby with a total of 100 other players.

Generally, the players need to land on an isolated island, and the last team or last man to survive wins the game. One single match is nearly 30 minutes. A safe zone keeps shrinking within the island and players need to get into the zone in order to survive. So, players need skills, a good strategy, and good luck too. Therefore, PUBG Mobile is hard to play.

  • High Graphics

Presently, with all the new updates since its release, it has become quite large, at around 11 GB. Therefore, a regular low-end device cannot fully support this game. As a result, players get lots of disadvantages while playing. They experience lags, frame drops, high ping issues, and so on, which will make them too hard to play.

Some newly launched gadgets like the Huawei P40 series, iPad Air series, ROG, One Plus 10 Pro, etc., can support PUBG Mobile up to 90fps. So, playing against those players on a low-end device at 30fps is really challenging. As a result, it is one of the major reasons why PUBG Mobile is so hard to play.

Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play
  • Competing players

Nowadays, almost every player has mastered their skills. PUBG Mobile has become more competitive now. One minor mistake and you are dead. Players have learned every technique, watching videos and spending hours on the training grounds.

Almost every player has become quite fast in reflexes, drop-shot technique, jiggle movement, crouch spraying, sniping, and so on. So, it is really hard to deal with other players in both close-range and long-range combat.

On the other hand, there is no lack of campers in PUBG Mobile. It is hard to locate enemies, whether they are hiding in houses, trees, bushes or rocks, etc. Players are completely unaware of, where and when they are going to get a shot. So, it is too difficult to win.

No matter what skills or devices you have, it is awfully hard to spot an enemy prone in the grass. Nowadays, most of the players camp at the bridge and apartments, which is really hard to tackle. There are various factors that are making this game even harder and harder.

  • PUBG Mobile depends on luck as well

Lastly, it depends on luck too. Most of the players die at the beginning of the match, without even getting a gun. So, one must be lucky to grab the weapon in the first place. It depends on the landing too.

On the other hand, players need to play and keep moving according to the safe zone. Almost every player is waiting in the zone for their opponents in most of the matches. So it becomes really hard to enter the safe zone.

PUBG Mobile depends on luck as well

Victory is mostly confirmed for those players who are favored by the safe zone in most cases. Somehow, there are also many cases in which some have lost the battles regardless of being in the safe zone.

Well, these are all chances and probabilities. It all depends on fate and the situation. The game is hard to determine. In conclusion, players must have a good device, good internet, skills, good IQ, and better luck to be the last survivors.


With the recent update, many PUBG players are mentioning the impact of the updates on their gameplay. Players are experiencing latency, frame-rate drops, and many glitches. It is hard for devices to handle such a huge game.

As the number of PUBG Mobile players increases, the servers get busier. As a result, it hampers the gameplay very badly. Developers must think about this matter. How can a player afford a new device on a yearly basis?

As we are all aware of how expensive the price has gone these days. If this kind of situation keeps on rising, then definitely, the number of PUBG Mobile players will decrease slowly. Afterward, players will have no other choice than to shift to other royal battle games.

There are numerous online royale battle games similar to PUBG Mobile on the Play Store and Apple Store which are easily supported by almost every device. In fact, royale battle games like GARENA Free Fire, Call of Duty, FORTNITE, and many more are much similar to PUBG Mobile, and more fun to play.

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