Top 4 Reasons Why Is Free Fire More Popular Than PUBG

Is Free Fire More Popular Than PUBG Mobile? This is the most ongoing question among gamers nowadays. There are numerous online games available on mobile platforms. But PUBG Mobile and GARENA Free Fire are the most trending online games in Nepal these days. However, Garena Free Fire is much more popular than PUBG Mobile among kids in Nepal nowadays.

There used to be days when all the kids from the neighborhood used to gather around and play. Kids were so fond of outdoor games then. It’s not like there were no indoor games. Many kids used to play indoor games too, such as Ludo, Carrom Board, Snakes and Ladder, and so on. Now, technology has come a long way. New generations are addicted to online games now.

Why Is Free Fire More Popular Than PUBG Mobile? - comparision

Why Is Free Fire More Popular Than PUBG Mobile

Before delving into the brief explanations about the topic, we have provided a summarized chart with vital points that will make you decide quickly on which game has the most drawbacks.

AspectPUBG MobileGARENA Free Fire
DeveloperBrendan Greene111 Dots Studio
Game TypeOnline Battle Royale GameOnline Battle Royale Game
PlatformsAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
CostFree to downloadFree to download
Device CompatibilityRequires high-end devicesSupported on most devices
Graphics QualityHigh-quality graphics, more realisticGraphics resemble cartoons, less realistic
SensitivityDifficult to adjust sensitivity settingsEasier sensitivity adjustment
Character AcquisitionNeed to buy characters (expensive)Free character selection
Competitive PlayHighly competitive with tournamentsLess competitive
Auto-Aim FeatureLess effective auto-aim featureMore effective auto-aim
Player Age RangePrimarily adults (18-30 years)More chances to match with players of the same age


PUBG Mobile was developed by Brendan Greene, and GARENA Free Fire was developed by 111 Dots Studio. Well, both PUBG Mobile and GARENA Free Fire are online Battle Royale games. Both games are available on the Android and iOS platforms. Both games are completely free to download.

In general, most of the game features are nearly the same compared to both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. The concepts of the games are similar. All the players land on an isolated island, and the last man standing wins the game. Both of the players can play in solo mode, duo mode, or in a squad of four players.

Well, PUBG Mobile is a high-end game. Most devices cannot support it. Only the latest and highest-end gadgets can support the full high settings. So, playing PUBG Mobile on a low-end device is not a good choice.

Whereas, GARENA Free Fire is supported by most devices. So anyone with low-end devices can enjoy the game to the fullest. This may be the one reason.

And moving to graphics, PUBG Mobile has high-quality graphics and high sensitivity, making it more realistic. It’s not like the GARENA Free Fire graphics are bad, but they look close to cartoons. Furthermore, it is difficult to adjust the sensitivity in PUBG Mobile compared to GARENA Free Fire.

Therefore, this may be another reason that most kids prefer GARENA Free Fire. Additionally, Free Fire players can choose their favorite characters free of charge, but players need to buy the characters in PUBG Mobile, which is expensive.

Free Fire is less competitive than PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile has become more competitive these days. Lots of tournaments keep happening every year. Recently, Nepali PUBG Mobile players have shown outstanding gameplay in PUBG Mobile global tournaments.

DRS, DeadEyes Guys, T2K, Elementrix, Skylightz Gaming, Vibes, etc are some of the most popular competitive teams in Nepal. So, being a competitive game, PUBG Mobile is hard to play. So, this may be another reason that kids like Garena Free Fire more.

Additionally, the auto-aim feature of GARENA Free Fire is more effective compared to PUBG Mobile. So, it is a bit easier to track down enemies in GARENA Free Fire. But, in both games, it’s all about skills and strategy. It’s not like Free Fire is an easy game. I am just comparing competitively.

Age Factor

Match-making may be another reason. Because most of the PUBG Mobile players are adults from age 18 to 30 years old, when match-making, it is obvious to get matched with older guys.

Furthermore, there are more chances in Garena Free Fire to get matched with players of the same age. So, this may be another reason why Free Fire is more popular than PUBG Mobile among kids in Nepal. But, both games are comparatively great and fun to play.

There are numerous streamers in Nepal making lots of progress playing these games. They normally go live streaming for nearly 8 hours a day. There is a huge trend of live-streaming these days in Nepal. Mostly, all streamers in Nepal do a live stream on YouTube and Facebook.

However, in other countries, streamers mostly prefer Twitch, which is the most popular and biggest live-streaming platform. Some famous Nepalese streamers are 4k Gaming Nepal, 2B Gamer, Mr. Junior, Mr. Hyozu, and so on.

Why Is Free Fire More Popular Than PUBG Mobile? - Age factor

2B Gamer is one of the top GARENA Free Fire players/streamers with 3.53 million subscribers. Whereas, 4k Gaming Nepal is the top PUBG Mobile streamer with 1.03 million subscribers.

Top 4 Reasons Why Is Free Fire More Popular Than PUBG Mobile

Okay, let’s get to the conclusion. After analyzing all the details between these two games, the main reasons for kids preferring Garena Free Fire may be as follows:

  1. Device Compatibility: Supportable With Almost Every Device
  2. Sensitivity: Easier sensitivity adjustment
  3. Difficulty Level: Less Competitive
  4. Age Factor: Match-making With The Same Age Group

In conclusion

Well, these are just predictions. There may be other reasons too. It depends on what the kids think about these games. Finally, neither of the games should be taken too seriously. Kids should play these games just for fun and should spend less time on them.

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