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What does Bump mean on Facebook messenger? (2022)

What does Bump mean on Facebook messenger? (2022)

Recently, What does Bump mean on Facebook messenger? is one of the ongoing questions on the internet nowadays. As we all know, Facebook is one of the most used applications wholes worldwide. In fact, it has helped us a lot to connect with our families, friends, and relatives.

Generally, Facebook has been introducing new features over time. Recently, it has launched a new feature called, “Bump“.

However, you must upgrade your Facebook Messenger app in order to access this new feature because it is only available on the most recent version of Messenger.


Bump” is one of the newly available features in Facebook Messenger. It allows you to reply to the last question asked. For example, someone is asking you different questions on Messenger, and you have to respond to each of the questions.

Instead of typing out your short answers, you can simply reply with this feature, which is indeed an easier and faster way of replying to their questions.

Basically, it has functioned as a conversation reply in Messenger. For instance, someone is messaging you with various inquiries. And the response feature is utilized if you want to respond to each one individually.

Bumping that message now indicates that I am answering it. Sometimes, while someone is talking, they could omit something crucial. Even then, you may still use this feature to show that it’s missing. Similarly, you may use this exclusive feature to remind someone of a previous chat.

More significantly, it may also be used as a reminder that I sent this message if someone doesn’t have a chance to read it.

How to use the Bump feature on Facebook messenger?

In general, employing the Bump feature is easier and more practical. Prior to taking any further action, remember to update your Facebook Messenger app.

Bump feature on Facebook messenger
  1. Go to your phone and launch Messenger first.

2. Then after, click on the text or image you wish to run into.

3. After that, select More from the menu on the bottom right.

4. The choices of Bump and Remove will appear after getting there. The message will now be bumped and delivered to the sender’s inbox if you click the bump button.


Basically, the Bump is a Facebook Messenger feature that allows users to say “yes” or “no” with a simple tap on their phone. The bump can be used to respond to any question asked in a chat, such as “Are you on your way?”

In general, the feature is intended to be used when you don’t have time to type a response, or when you’d prefer to avoid having your response read aloud.

Technically, you can use this feature when you want to reply to a message with just a single tap. You can just tap the “Bump” button, and then your friend will get a notification.

And this is a very simple way to reply to messages with your friends. Undoubtedly, this is a very unique feature. And this feature is available only on the recently updated Facebook Messenger app.

How To Post Audio Comments & Voice Messages On Facebook

The social network Facebook has a fairly small user base now. Because of this, Facebook occasionally updates its features. Additionally, adjusting to the new features takes some time for us.

You might not be familiar with how to post an audio comment on Facebook in a situation similar to this. Although audio comments in Facebook groups are now available, Meta, the operating company for Facebook, said last week that users have not yet adjusted to them. Not everyone can access Facebook in this way. Some people are now leaving Facebook comments in audio format.

This choice may not be available to many users. It will update as it is displayed. You may now remark on Facebook using both text and audio.

The Facebook lite app offers this option. These techniques allow you to leave audio comments.

How To Add Facebook Voice Comment

  1. Open the Facebook Lite app first.
  2. Go to the group since only specific groups have access to this functionality.
  3. Go to the comment section now. There are several emojis with microphone symbols. Give the microphone access by clicking the microphone icon.
  4. Now select the “record” option and add your comments. then click the stop button.
  5. You will be able to comment on both the audio and the text. Post the text you’ve chosen by typing it.

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