Learn 10 InterestingFacts About Taylor Swift.

When Taylor was twelve years old, she wrote a 350-page novel that has never been published.

She loves to wear cowboy boots, which are one of her favorite items of apparel.

Taylor Swift is a really gifted musician who is able to play the banjo, electric guitar, ukulele, and piano!

Swift was influenced by her grandmother, a professional opera singer, at an early age.

Taylor's first album, released in October 2006, sold over 2.5 million copies!

Taylor dated Taylor Lautner, an actor well known for his part in The Twilight Saga, in late 2009.

Taylor does not use her contact lenses at home; she simply wears her spectacles.

Taylor Swift became the youngest artist in Grammy history to win Album of the Year in 2010. She was 20 years old.

From late 2012 to January 2013, she was in a relationship with One Direction vocalist Harry Styles.