Former reality TV star and controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate is banned from Facebook and Instagram.

Andrew Tate, a contentious social media influencer and former reality TV star, was banned from Facebook and Instagram on Friday.

According to the BBC, Tate, 35, was banned for breaking Meta's rules on harmful groups and people. Tate had more than 4.7 million followers on his @cobratate Instagram account before to his ban.

Tate said to the Twitch streamer that he has no idea why the Meta platforms had barred him. However, he continued by saying that he trusted that he had "excellent people on the case."

Tate initially gained notoriety in 2016 when he participated in the UK edition of "Big Brother" as a competitor.

After a video of him allegedly assaulting a lady surfaced, he was fired from the program. According to the BBC, Tate believes that the footage was altered and is a pure falsehood.

Tate was suspended by Twitter in 2017 at the height of the Harvey Weinstein revelations for stating that women should "carry responsibility" for being sexually attacked.

Tate's popularity increased as a result of his outrageous statements regarding women's intellect, such that they are "intrinsically lazy" and that men should have "power" over them in relationships.

According to CBS News, an account affiliated with Tate has been permanently banned from TikTok as the firm increases its attempts to remove recordings of Tate's abhorrent ideas.

The #andrewtate hashtag on TikTok has received more than 13 billion views, and several accounts not directly connected to Tate are uploading his videos.