Video Game Live Streaming In Nepal

Nowadays, video game live streaming is also a trend in Nepal. It is also a good source of income. There are numerous professional live streamers all around the world who make good money from it.

During the live stream, they often entertain the audience, usually by performing a good game and interacting with them with funny and interesting commentary. They earn income from ad revenue, donations, memberships, and sponsors.

Video Game Live streaming

Income source

Nowadays, lots of people have started doing video game live streaming in Nepal. However, they prefer to do live streaming only on YouTube and Facebook. Twitch is not so popular in Nepal.

These days in Nepal, social media is flooded with video game live streams and montages. Most Nepali streamers prefer playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, GARENA Free Fire, and GTA 5. Moreover, some of them play Minecraft as well.

Nepali professional streamers are also making a good income from video game live streaming. Some of the highest-earning streamers in Nepal are 2B Gamer with 3.53 million subscribers and 4k Gaming Nepal with 1.03 million subscribers on YouTube.

Moreover, numerous other professional streamers are making a good living through live streaming. These streamers usually receive lots of “Super Chats” and “Facebook Stars” from Nepalese viewers living abroad and also within Nepal.

Video Game Live streaming process

Well, in a matter of platforms, some streamers play games on PC whereas most of the streamers prefer playing on mobiles or iPads. The most popular games like PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire have both PC and mobile versions. So these games are gaining more popularity among streamers and the audience.

 4k gaming Nepal

There are two types of streamers for PUBG Mobile. Some streamers just play random games for entertainment purposes. On the other hand, some competitive players stream only tournaments. These competitive players are gaining more audience attention nowadays.

There are various ways to do video game live streaming. Most of the professional streamers in Nepal use OBS or Streamlabs software for live streaming. Similarly, streamers playing on mobile devices or iPads use Elgato for live streaming.

Elgato Price In Nepal

Elgato is a device that records or captures the signal sent from the gaming console or other devices like laptops, mobile phones, or iPads to the computer. Mostly, streamers use Elgato to give a better experience to their audience.

Recording and playing on the same device degrade gameplay due to mechanism overload. Thus, Elgato is the most essential and helpful device for streamers. In general, the Elgato price in Nepal starts from NPR 41,600 to NPR 49,500.

Elgato Nepal price

However, there are plenty of Nepali streamers who are streaming without a computer or an Elgato. Even though they are making good earnings from their live streams.

There are numerous live-streaming apps available on both Android and iOS platforms. Streamers use these apps on their mobile phones or iPads for live streaming. StreamChamp is one of the popular apps that most Nepali streamers are using these days.

Video game Live streaming in Nepal

However, live streaming is not that easy in Nepal compared to other countries. Nepal is still a developing country. Nepal is backward in various factors like electricity, transportation, internet, and many more. Due to these reasons, Nepali streamers are facing lots of issues during live streams.

The power goes out several times a day, which hampers the live streams as well as the gameplay. The internet speed is also not that good compared to other countries. Due to many reasons, some streamers have even stopped doing live streams.

2b gamer

Nepali streamers are also helping the viewers and some needy people through live streams. They do giveaways time by time during the whole year. In-game cash or rewards are quite important to almost every gamer. So, in the hope of getting these rewards, lots of people join the giveaway programs that are happening on live streams. In this way, the streamers are also gaining more subscribers on their streaming platforms. As a result, both streamers and viewers benefit.

Nepali Gaming Community

Furthermore, Nepali streamers are doing charity live streams time by time. All the ad revenue, donations, Super chats, and Facebook Stars received on that stream are given to the respective needy person.

Similarly, streamers are organizing various tournaments with the help of their sponsors and channel members. So, viewers are also earning by participating in those tournaments. Therefore, video game live streaming plays a vital role in the Nepali gaming community.

Recently, the streamers’ battle tournament in Nepal was held in April 2021. Usually, the tournament happens every year. Lots of popular streamers participated in the tournament. Rubick Gaming was also one of the participants. He is the only streamer to hold #1 in Asia Squad Ranking in season 16 PUBG Mobile.

Similarly, many other top competitive streamers like DRS, Dead Eyes, Elementrix, Skylightz Gaming, T2K, etc. were also seen in the same tournament. Furthermore, some female streamers, such as Indu Malla Gaming, Wiffeyy, Wasabi, etc., also participated in the tournament.

mr hyozu

PUBG Mobile Global Tournaments

Elementrix’s IGL, Mr. Hyozu, is the first streamer of Nepal who was selected for the global tournaments of PUBG Mobile. In other words, he is the first streamer to introduce the Nepal gaming community outside of Nepal.

Nowadays, lots of other Nepali streamers are also participating in global tournaments and showing outstanding gameplay. Competitive teams like DE, DRS, and Wizzes with Vibes have already won a title in PUBG Mobile global tournaments. So, people, these days prefer to watch their live streams more than other streamers in Nepal.

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