Two Legit Ways To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile” is a regularly asked question among PUBG Mobile players. PUBG Mobile is the most trending royale battle game these days. It is a highly advanced, multiplayer online game.

Its actual size is around 1.7 GB. It has done a lot of updates now has gotten a lot better and is a size of around 11 GB after installation. Every season comes with new updates, new skins, and costumes.

Players need to buy UC (Unknown Cash) to upgrade their items. Players can buy characters, vehicle skins, gun skins, X-suits, and many more. There are lots of upgradeable items on it.

Players can get exclusive features by upgrading each level. The upgradeable items include X-suits, guns, vehicles, etc. However, it costs a lot of UC to buy any of these items. 

PUBG Mobile UC vendors

Players from Nepal can buy UC from various vendors. However, many fake websites pretend to offer UC but don’t. So, you need to be very careful. Many have lost their money on those fake websites. is one of the legit sites to top up UC for PUBG Mobile. And their response is also very fast.

Similarly, players can buy UC from as well. It is one of the most popular shopping websites in Nepal. Well, buying UC is a bit expensive. Not everyone can afford that. Here, I have listed some great tips that will allow you to get free UC on PUBG Mobile.

Free UC In PUBG Mobile

Two Legit Ways To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

Participating in giveaways

Nowadays, there are countless PUBG Mobile streamers in Nepal. Nepali streamers are making great progress in the gaming community. Similarly, many competitive players are growing in the community, and some have even won a title in the PUBG Mobile global tournaments.

Thus, the Nepali streamers are making good earnings as well. In addition, they often organize giveaway programs on their live streams. They offer lots of PUBG Mobile UC in the giveaways.

Therefore, it will be the best option to get free UC, by participating in the giveaways. Moreover, you can participate through various IDs in the giveaways, which will increase your chance of getting free UC.

Streamers make their own rules for participating in the giveaways. Some streamers just select random viewers from the live chat as the winners. For this, you need to watch their live stream and type some specific words or numbers into the live chat, as the streamer says.

Similarly, some streamers choose random comments from their selected videos, in which they ask viewers to comment. In this case, you need to comment on the related video.

Moreover, you can earn free UC by participating in PUBG Mobile tournaments or Custom Rooms. Streamers often create Custom Rooms for the viewers. You can join their rooms and get a chance to earn free UC. Most streamers offer UC for the winner and the player with the highest kills.

Bonus challenge

There is an option called “Bonus Challenge” in PUBG Mobile, from which you can earn free UC. However, there are a few steps, you need to follow to participate. Let me tell you step by step. Every week, the game offers a special voucher. Many of you might not have noticed or might be.

It is called a ‘Bonus Challenge Voucher’. You will get this special voucher for completing missions or ranking up to a higher tier. But, to collect this voucher, you must claim it. Only after claiming, does PUBG Mobile send it to your inbox. And, after collecting it from the mail, you will be able to see it in your inventory. 

PUBG Free UC In PUBG Mobile

To claim the ‘Bonus Challenge Voucher’, you need to go to the EVENTS section. After that, go to Recommended, and scroll down the menu, you will see Weekly Report. Now, click Go and scroll down to the bottom.

There, under the SEASON TIER RUSH PACK, you can collect this Bonus Challenge Voucher, Silver coins, and BP coins depending on your weekly overall gameplay.

So, now you have collected the ‘Bonus Challenge Voucher’. Let’s go to the next step. Open the menu by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner.

Then, go to MATCHES. You will see three categories there, All-Talent Championship, Sponsored Match, and Bonus Challenge. After clicking on the Bonus Challenge, you will see a new interface with lots of options, as shown in the image below. 

PUBG free UC

You can register for any of the tournaments with the voucher. I recommend you choose a solo tournament because you will earn more points in solo mode. However, there are also three options. I recommend you register with Adept. It requires two bonus challenge vouchers.


Now, upon winning the match, you will get 1000 battle coins and 45 extra battle coins for each kill. You can redeem the collected battle coins by going into the Redeem Rewards section. Select Redeem Rewards in the left bottom corner, then scroll down, and at the bottom, you will see the REDEEM options. You will get 100 UC for every 1000 battle coins. 

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