Trikon Tales | Best Nepali Ghost Story (2019)

Trikon Tales: Best Nepali Ghost Story YouTube Channel

Nowadays, a YouTube channel named Trikon Tales is gaining a lot of popularity among Nepalese. Actually, this channel is all about ghost stories. Saurav, a 28-year-old man, is the owner of this particular YouTube channel. He is a single man from Bhaktapur, Nepal. He started his YouTube journey in October 2019.

The channel has now aired about 123 episodes to date. Saurav tells the stories sent by his viewers in every episode. He has also included his own experience during episodes 25 and 30.

Actually, he hadn’t thought of being a YouTuber or a ghost storyteller. However, he had a keen interest in listening to and telling horror stories since his childhood. He used to read lots of mystery and alien stories.

Continuing his hobbies, he decided to create a dedicated ghost story channel in Nepal. He has also loved to watch horror movies since his childhood. His three favorite ghost movies are The Devil, Coming Soon, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Similarly, Saurav’s favorite paranormal series is The Hunting of Hill House.

Best Nepali Ghost Stories


According to Saurav, once upon a time, there used to be a program on Radio Nepal, and they used to tell some ghost stories. But the program used to have a lot of advertisement breaks, so he stopped listening to the program.

And also, due to the overuse of sound effects, and advertisements, the 5-minute story used to be 30 minutes long.

Actually, Saurav was inspired by a YouTube channel called Mr. Nightmare. He often listened to the channel and liked it so much. He then searched for the Nepali ghost storytelling channel on YouTube but did not find any. Therefore, he started his own YouTube channel, Trikon Tales.

Future Plans

He also mentioned that he has not thought of doing a live stream now, but later on, he may do some podcasts in the future. For his channel, all the activities like collecting information, narrating, and editing, he does by himself.

In some cases, he takes suggestions from his brother. So, technically, the channel has two members, he says.

Experiences and beliefs

According to him, once he was terrified while editing his content when a cup fell from the table at 11 p.m. at night. But later on, he started laughing at himself.

Saurav says that he believes in ghosts and in God as well. According to him, ghosts are like energies, which he mentions as some kind of vibration.

He says there are two types of ghosts, some reflect positive energy, whereas some have negative energy. The negative energies will make us feel cold and scared, he says. He adds, “Believe in God and pray. If you ever get into such a situation, God will help you. “

saurav trikon tales

He says that some of the ghost stories that he published were so frightening. Among them, Lalitpur ko kacho pichaas and Neejgudh ko kambal ko ghatana were his favorite ones. He adds, “I was scared while editing those stories, I had goosebumps all over my body.”

Saurav explains that he used to hear many superstitions since his childhood, like not cutting his nails during the night, not shouting, and not whistling, but somehow he still does not cut his nails during the night. He adds, “I do not know whether it is my belief in superstition or just a habit.”


Actually, he had thought of including some English content too, and not only horror but some other content too. Therefore, he named his YouTube channel Trikon Tales, which means triangle or multiple ways.

He also says that sometimes he gets shocked while editing the stories, listening to his own ghostly voice in some cases. Additionally, he is thinking of adding some team members to his YouTube channel, Trikon Tales.

He says that it takes a day to edit his one single piece of content that is 25 minutes long with all the sound effects. He also says that he had received many copied content from some viewers and requested them not to do so.

Before running the YouTube channel, he used to be a 3D artist and an Animation freelancer, which he is still doing in his free time.

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