Tilicho Lake: The Highest Lake In The World (4919 meters)

One of the most well-known and popular tourist destinations worldwide is Lake Tilicho. Out of the numerous new tourist sites that the Ministry of Tourism has just announced, Tilicho Lake is one of the best destinations in the Manang district. This has made Tilicho Lake and all of the locals of the Manang district more endearing.


Manang is one of Nepal’s most visited districts, where everything is magnificent, unique, and wonderful. Although the district has a small population, the source of wealth is substantial. Furthermore, there are many things, such as the 12 months of winter, which are beautiful to witness.

Similar to this, Tilicho Lake, the highest lake in the world, is what gives the Manang district its name. Not just Tilicho Lake, but also other lakes in Manang, such as Him Lake, Gangapurna Lake, Drona Lake, and others; nevertheless, due to inadequate awareness, these lakes have only been known by name.

This district, which is on the Annapurna circuit, serves as the focal point of the area for visitors and trekkers traveling to Tilicho Lake. Both Tilicho Lake and the Annapurna trail have distinct identities.

Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake, the world’s highest lake at 4,919 meters above sea level, is the source of the Marshyangdi River. It has a width of 1 km, a length of 4 km, a depth of 200 meters, and a surface area of 3.84 sq. m.

Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake in Manang District is also known as Kamakbhushundi or Kakhrad, which are its ancient names. Moreover, the months between November and April are said to be the best for visiting Tilicho Lake, according to the locals.

Way To Tilicho Lake

To get to Tilicho Lake, one can use the route that runs through the Manang district from Beshisahar of Lamjung to Khangsar in Upper Manang. The trip begins at Manang, at the base of Khangsar Phakche. Three ponds may be seen throughout the route.

Tilicho Lake is accessible after a 20-minute hike that involves crossing these three ponds. In general, the route from Khangsar to Manang is extremely dangerous.

Way to Tilicho Lake

The difficulty of ascending to a high altitude is an additional concern if the hiking path is really hazardous. Not everyone can get to Tilicho Lake since it snows here for 12 months. The three months from January to March have the most snowfall in the area, making the route exceedingly difficult and unsafe.

From Chame (Manang district’s headquarters) to Khangsar base camp (5200 m), it roughly takes two days on foot. However, because the motor road goes all the way to Khangsar, it is feasible to get there straight from Lamjung Beshishahar.

Tilicho Lake is reached after a three-and-a-half-hour hike from Khangsar Base Camp. You must cross the Marshyangdi River and the Himalayan gorges at great danger from Khangsar.

Tilicho Lake - Manang

From Khangsar to Tilicho Lake, there are two options. There are two routes: one long and one short. While the long route is an excellent and safe option, the alternative short route is extremely dangerous and frightening.

Although the short way is dangerous and frightening, many who are in a rush to view the lake prefer it. 


A panoramic view of Lake Tilicho reveals bare rocky hills to the east and some to the north. Similarly, towards the west and south, one can have a mesmerizing scenery of the Great Himalayas.

Furthermore, Lake Tilicho is well-known for its religious sites. It is a sacred site for Hindus and Buddhists alike. There is a belief that people are said to get to paradise after death if their belongings are washed in the lake. Similarly, it is believed that taking a dip in the lake can wash away all your sins.

Tilicho Lake - Religious Site

Every Nepali feels fortunate if he/she views the gorgeous scenery of this lake even once. There is a religious belief that after reaching this lake, one does not have to go to hell.

There is a religious belief that if one stands on the sacred land of this lake, takes a bath, and sings the praises of Lord Shiva, one may envision going to paradise in one’s heart.

According to the locals, some wealthy Indians have even chartered helicopters to the lake so they may wash the belongings of their dear ones.


Tilicho Lake has now become a world-famous location, similar to Mount Everest, Lumbini, and Pashupatinath, all of which are the most visited tourist destinations in Nepal. Moreover, it is included in the geographical and natural features like Lumbini, which is regarded as a sacred location for Buddhism.

Undoubtedly, the magnificent Tilicho Lake is admired for its natural beauty at the world’s highest elevation.

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