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Bhai Tika is on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 11:37 am

Bhai Tika is on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 11:37 am

According to the International Almanac Decision Committee, this year’s Bhai tika will have ideal weather. The committee has determined that the best time for the Bhai Tika is on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 11:37 am.

Bhai Tihar (Bhai Tika)

On the final day of the Bhai Tihar (Bhai Tika) festival or Yama Panchak, that is, on October 27, this event is very enthusiastically and significantly observed. On this occasion, it is a holy tradition for sisters to worship their brothers and for brothers to worship their sisters, as well as to treat them with extra respect and reverence, feed them sweets and fruits, and offer their sisters presents and clothing.

Sister Yamuna is known to have suppressed her emotions on this day in the past. Doing brotherly adoration with specific homage to Brother Yamraj has a religious meaning. “Dharmaraj Namastubhyan Namaste Yamunagraja” and the mantra “Pahi Ma Kinkarai Sadrdhan Suryaputra Namodstute” should be chanted when praying to Yamaraj.

According to the holy tradition, Yamaraj spends the first five days of Yamapanchak in Yamuna’s home. Indrani Das Dikpal is said to have left his realm for these five days to serve King Bali.

The yearning for the happiness, wealth, health, and longevity of your sisters and brothers is expressed on the day of Bhai Tihar by worshiping lamps, Kalash, Ganesha, calling Yamraj, using bimiro, walnut, oil, velvet garland, doobo tika, and other ritual objects like katus and doobo tika. It is said to be a way to reconnect with brothers who haven’t spoken in a while and strengthen the bond between them.

How To Celebrate Bhai Tika

Bhai tika is the fifth day of Yamapanchak. On the day before Bhai Tika, sisters traditionally invite Bhaitika by giving their brothers betel leaves, flowers, etc. People hold the opinion that on the day of Bhaitika, no food should be consumed without tika. Take a bath and worship Ashtachiranjivi in the morning on the day of Tika. The eight Chiranjeevi include Parashuram, Yamaraj, Hanuman, Vibhishan, and Vibhishana.

Walnuts, mustard oil, bimira, masala, makhamli, dubo, garlands of 100 leaves, bread, and sweet foods are required to perform Bhai Tika. First and foremost, Ganesha, the lamp, and the Kalash are sacrificed in honor of Bimira. They should then pray to Okhar and Yamraj at the door and traverse the passage of time for the brothers’ and sisters’ good fortune.

Seven rings should be carved with water and oil around the brothers. Brothers’ heads should be anointed with oil and should be decorated with flowers, Akshata, sandalwood, and lava. Sagun should consist of yogurt. Given to brothers on the day of the brotherhood, makhamli, sayapatri, and dubo garlands have unique importance. The hue of the hundred-leafed leaves, the velvet, and the lake are all always green.

Sisters apply a seven-color tika in a straight line over the forehead to wish their brother fortune, good health, and long life. The colors are yellow, blue, orange, white, green, red, and black. Peace pours when Saptarangi Tika and emotions are together.

Brotherly love is said to be as strong and wholesome as paint. Tapping the Tika after the pooja recital is really joyful for the soul. The sisters present their boys with Dhaka caps. After applying the tika, the brothers and sisters exchange gifts, Dakshina, and other items, and the Bhai Tika festival is celebrated with a lot of fanfare.


Overall, Tihar celebrations offer joy in our lives. We are all inspired by this festival to enlighten the world with truth and noble deeds. It teaches respect for and adoration of nature as well as mutual peace. But to understand the importance of Tihar, it is important to follow its teachings and recognize its importance in daily life while celebrating.

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