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5 Most Underrated Nepali Singers/Musicians – Best

Top 5 underrated Musicians Of Nepal

In this blog, I am talking about the most underrated Nepali singers and musicians, who, I think, ought to get more attention and are out of focus compared to other recently trending artists. There are lots of talented Nepali musicians all over the world. The Nepali music industry, these days, has developed a lot more than in the past.

Furthermore, technologies have made it fundamentally easier for musicians. Nowadays, artists are recording their stuff in their own home studios. A significant number of them have gone famous. However, some of them are still in the shadows.

The most underrated Nepali singers/musicians


An outstandingly splendid musician, currently living in the UK, Yugal Gurung has released his first album ‘Lukamari’ in 2020. His music is unwinding and dream-like, lo-fi, a unique style in the Nepalese music industry. He has furthermore been the drummer for the band ‘HAMI’.

The Most Underrated Nepali Singers/Musicians, Yugal Gurung

Moreover, his indie and alternative guitar licks and riffs are really commendable. We can listen to his songs on his YouTube channel and on SoundCloud too. Yugal Gurung is truly a gem of the Nepali music industry. Songs like Yo Parkhai (alternative version), Chahana, Chitra, Afno Sansaar, Kotha, and Timi are the greatest songs ever made in Nepali music history.


Another phenomenally talented and creative artist, Shailu Rai, is from Pokhara, Nepal. He released his first song, “Alchhi,” in 2012. He then released his second song, “K Garne’ on “Pepsi Voice of Nepal” and was proclaimed as a second runner-up.

most underrated Shailu Rai

Later on, he released various incredible songs, which you can find on his YouTube Channel “S H A I L U” and on SoundCloud as well. We can often see him doing live gigs in bars and pubs in Lakeside, Nepal. Samaya, Lamo Sash, Sangai, and Ma Jastai are some of his best compositions. Recently, he has been collaborating with a band called The Officers.


Mukul Raj Rai, another underrated artist in the Nepali music industry, is from the band “Corner Stone”. They released their first official music video, ‘Hawaijahaja’, in 2012, in New York. Moreover, he has released various other solo songs, which you can find on SoundCloud, and on his YouTube channel.

underrated musicians Mukul Raj Rai

His tunes are extraordinary, tranquil, unique, folk-type, and pure poetry. Timi mero sabai thok, Indreni Raat, Udaas Sahar, New York ko arko din, Sano Kotha and Timi ra ma are some of his best compositions.


Diwas Gurung is a mind-blowing musician in the Nepalese music industry. He is from the band ‘Ayurveda’. The Ayurveda band is one of the most popular bands in the rock genre. Diwas Gurung is currently living in the USA. His songs give us a nostalgic vibe with his classic vocals and folk/rock music.

diwas gurung

In fact, Diwas Gurung has shown his great skills on their first album, “Raato Mato,” released in 2009, re-arranging Nepali old tunes into heavy alternatives. He later released his album “Jharana Sahar,” which you can find on Bandcamp. Moreover, we can watch his music videos on his YouTube channel, Diwas Gurung.


Another, not to be missed on this rundown, is Sunil Parajuli. In fact, he is an exceptionally talented artist, now living in the United States. We can get 70s pop vibes and a bit of jazz flavor in his songs.

Sunil Parajuli

Moreover, Sunil Parajuli released his first album ”Sunshan Raatma” in 1986 and his second album “Aau” in 1999. You can find the official music video for the song “Aau” on YouTube. Similarly, songs like Yeklai Timi tadha, Kahile Kahi, and Sunsan Raatma are really undervalued compositions in the history of Nepali music.

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