The Beauty Of Temke Maiyung (3300 meters)

Every year, numerous visitors are drawn in by the picturesque view of Temke Maiyung, a tourist attraction situated on the border of Khotang’s Kepilasgadhi Rural Municipality-1 Fedi, Bhojpur’s Tyamkemaiyum Rural Municipality-1 Timma, and Salpasilichho Rural Municipality-5 Dovane.

Temke Maiyung, a popular tourist destination, is situated at an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level. You may enjoy the fascinating landscape of a lovely meadow with a variety of flowers blooming throughout the year, ample water sources, herbs, and a location where you can conveniently see views of other locations.

Moreover, the panoramic view of the Terai plains and the spectacular scenery of the Great Himalayan ranges such as the Mahalangur Himal, Mera Peak, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Everest, can all be seen from Maiyung.

A Perfect Location For Wildlife

Numerous bird species, vultures, and endangered creatures, including the red panda, tiger, black bear, leopard, deer, ghoral, thar, and rabbit, can all be spotted at Temke Maiyung, which is spread out across an area of close to 3000 hectares.

Moreover, there are dozens of cowsheds, an equal number of sheep yards, and about 200 domestic horses in Maiyung. In fact, it is one of the best places in Nepal with grasslands appropriate for animal husbandry and enough water sources.

temke maiyung

Depending on the season, it is covered with various beautiful flowers such as rhododendron, chimal, ranichamp, ghogechamp, dhaple, and hiringi. Moreover, in Temke Maiyung, where there are several small and large ponds like Tarakhsepokhari, Sukepokhari, Bahunpokhri, etc., hundreds of water ducks arrive for breakfast each morning.

Attraction Of Temke Maiyung

In general, a big fair is held every year on Nepali New Year’s Day at Temke Maiyung. A lot of visitors, including both domestic and international, arrive here on that very day. Basically, the majority of visitors prefer to ride horses in the pasture and play with the sheep herds.

Similarly, throughout the three-day fair, residents from Khotang and other areas including Bhojpur, Sankhuwasabha, Solukhumbu, Sunsari’s Biratnagar, and Dharan visit Maiyung.

Moreover, there are more mountains nearby, which have a lovely and lush natural appearance, where you may see a variety of picturesque views. The areas where you may observe the landscape close to Mayung include Chilimdhunga, Laurethum, Rawadhap, Jalajle, Gyangkhark, Ramitedanda, and so on.


In general, various precious herbs, including Bikhuma, Pakhanbhed, Padamchal, Bhairungpati, Ranitoho, Lothsalla, Panchaule, and Chiraito, are found at Temke Maiyung.

As a consequence, it will aid in the district’s economic growth if the herbs discovered in Maiyung can be exported outside of the region.

Every year, both local and foreign visitors travel to Temke Maiyung, which is situated on the way to Salpa Pond on the boundary of Khotang, Bhojpur, and Sankhuwasabha.

Therefore, if it is feasible to set up lodging with the required amenities for both internal and external visitors traveling to Maiyung, it is projected that the district will get a significant amount of financial benefit.

Things To Do In Temke Maiyung

  • Horse Riding

In Temke Maiyung, one may ride a horse to Ghodatar, Sawandanda, Jogimara, Batase, Nagi, Mattim, Bhuwanpokhri, Jaljalepokhri, Dhungakhark, Naulakhark, and many other stunning locations. Although tourism has enormous potential, the state has paid little attention to Maiyung’s growth.

  • Experience Snowfall

Moreover, Temke Maiyung is one of the best destinations in Nepal to experience snowfall. Tourists from various regions of Nepal come to Maiyung to play in the snow. In general, the best time to experience snowfall is during the months of November, December, and January.

Temke Maiyung Snowfall
  • Enjoy Nature Splendor

Similarly, to see the blooming of Laligurans and Chimal Champa during the months of March, April and May, many people from all around the country visit Maiyung. Moreover, during these months, one may get a chance to see herds of yak, sheep, horses, and cows, grazing in the picturesque meadow of Maiyung Dada.

Similarly, in June-July and August, the weather is quite pleasant. During these months, one can have mesmerizing scenery of the mountain range and astonishing landscapes.

When visiting Maiyung, both domestic and foreign visitors purchase milk products produced by the farmers, including Churpi, Chauri ghee, and other items.


As the number of local and foreign tourists has risen, the farmers have been running a shelter in their hut so that up to 20 people may reside in one shed. In general, while staying in the hut, one must pay NPR 750, which includes a meal with meat.

The Beauty Of Temke Maiyung

Moreover, tourists who have come to Maiyung with their own resources are happy to stay, eat, and sleep in the huts. Similarly, some locals of Bhojpur have also operated a homestay at a place called Dilpa in Maiyung targeting tourists.


Along with Temke Maiyung, the rural municipality has set aside money for the development and promotion of its religious and tourist destinations.

Locals claim that the Mundhum Trail, one of the 100 locations chosen by the government of Nepal, has contributed to an increase in tourism in Maiyung.

Undoubtedly, Temke Maiyung is one of the tourist destinations which has been frequently overlooked by the government. Despite its beauty, it is not so popular among tourists compared to other tourist destinations in Nepal.

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