The Beauty Of DhikiDada

Pokhara is a beautiful city surrounded by hills. It is situated in the Gandaki province of Nepal. Pokhara is one of the major tourist destinations in Nepal. Among the numerous places, Dhikidada is one of the most beautiful places in Pokhara.

Dhikidada is situated to the north of Pokhara city. It lies at an altitude of 1470 meters above sea level. The beauty of Dhikidada allures every individual in the city.

Dhikidada is about 14 kilometers away from Pokhara Domestic Airport. It is a beautiful hill, a few miles away from Mahendra Cave, which is also one of the popular tourist destinations in Pokhara. There are several ways to reach the destination. The nearest and most convenient way is from Lamachour.



It is about 6 kilometers away from Lamachour. On the way, you will find some beautiful typical villages such as Gharmi, Kure Dada, and Harpakh. From the summit, you can have a magnificent view of Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Dhaulagiri to the north, whereas the beautiful Pokhara Valley is to the west. Moreover, you can cherish the enchanting view of terrace farming and the beautiful villages of Jaimuri.


The view from the Dhikidada is worth watching at night. The scenery of the setting sun rays on the Himalayan range will melt your heart. You can feel the cool breeze coming straight from the mountains. Also, there is beautiful accommodation nearby if you wish to stay in Dhikidada. It is called the Machhapuchhre Yak Ranch.

It is a good place for a night’s stay. From the accommodation, you can have a mesmerizing view of Naudada and the Himalayan range. With good hospitality, a friendly environment, and lots of facilities, you will feel at home. In addition, there is a karaoke room, which is a plus point for the visitors. Nevertheless, it is the best place for nature lovers.

Dhikidada - Machhapuchhre Yak Ranch

A few years ago, it used to be a take-off place for paragliding. The paragliders would take off from the top of the hill, then go round the Machhapuchhre Village Development Committee, landing in Khapaudi. However, it was closed later.

Apart from this, lots of people around the city prefer to go for a hike in Dhikidada. It is also the best destination for cycling. Similarly, most of the people from the villages around Dhikidada are Brahmins and Chhetris, and agriculture is their main occupation. However, most youngsters have gone abroad for further studies and jobs nowadays.


Recently, a new campaign has been launched for the development of Dhikidada. All the roads connecting to Dhikidada are under reconstruction. As we all know, Pokhara is also the rainiest city in Nepal. In every monsoon, these roads are badly affected by heavy rainfall and landslides. So, the roads are made wider and with a better drainage system.

Dhikidada Resort Private Limited

Moreover, a new resort is being constructed near Dhikidada, which will add a new attraction for visitors. The resort was established by the youths of Jaimuri village. For now, they are offering a camping package at NPR 1400. The package includes a non-veg meal, a veggie meal, breakfast, and a tent for overnight.

Similarly, a campfire and BBQ services are also mentioned in their menu. Their main aim is to promote domestic tourism in the valley. For further information and booking procedures, you can call these numbers:

  • +9779802851740 
  • +9779802851745
Dhikidada Resort


Undoubtedly, Dhikidada is a great place to explore nature and the village lifestyle. In addition, there is a beautiful hiking trail from Lamachaur. The hiking route passes through dense forests and some villages. Typically, it is about a 45-minute hike, with the first starting phase being about 20 minutes uphill.

Well, if you ever visit Pokhara, Dhikidada should not be left out of your destination list. The beauty of Dhiki Dada awaits you.

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