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Pokhara: Back Then In 90s

Pokhara When I think of the old days, it feels like I was in an imaginary world. Life was different back then in the 90s. There was no internet or mobile phones. Only a few individuals in the neighborhood used to have a television in their homes. And everyone from the neighborhood used to go

Pipar, a hidden paradise: Best Trek 2022

Pokhara is one of Nepal’s most beautiful cities, with breathtaking scenery. To the north, it is surrounded by the Great Himalayas, and it serves as a starting point for a number of hiking trails. Every year, a large number of tourists from various countries visit, mostly for hiking. Pipar is also a hiking destination, but

Best Homestays In Pokhara: Village Homestay

In this blog, I have listed some best homestays in Pokhara, that merit a visit. As we are all hooked up to nature, everybody likes going out hiking, putting on a camp, and spending time in nature. Well, Pokhara is a wonderful city with lots of enchanting landscapes. It is surrounded by magnificent Himalayan ranges and many amazing hills.