Suryachaur: Paragliding Has Finally resumed (2022)

Suryachaur now offers paragliding as a second attraction. Suryachaur, a well-known natural tourist site, is currently developing into a top adventure travel destination.

In Nuwakot’s Shivpuri rural municipality-7, paragliding has resumed at Suryachaur. After the start of the rainy season, paragliding was put on hold. With the start of the season, it was reopened.

In Suryachaur, which is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, Nepal Paragliding has been offering paragliding since 2076 B.S. The proprietor of Nepal Paragliding, Niranjan Ghimire, claimed that from its start, the company has been hampered by the COVID outbreak and is thus unable to run efficiently. After Dashain, he declared, it will continue to run constantly.

The starting point for paragliding is Suryachaur in Shivpuri Rural Municipality-7, while the landing is at Chhahare in Likhu Rural Municipality. Shivpuri and Likhu Rural Municipality’s sky are open for viewing.

Paragliding Price

For flying, there are several plans. A regular flight will cost a total of NPR 6,000 (after taking off and landing). According to the operator, Ghimire, a medium flight (which involves flying for a while and landing) costs NPR 8,500, while a luxury trip costs NPR 10,500.

According to Ghimire, guests on the luxury trip would spend little more than an hour and a half in the air while traveling to the destinations of their choice.


Suryachaur, a gorgeous area brimming with natural beauty, is situated in Nuwakot’s Ward No. 7 of the Shivpuri Rural Municipality. The distance between Surya Chaur and the Kathmandu Valley is roughly 25 kilometers. In general, it is part of the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.

Suryachaur, which is 2300 meters above sea level, is a fantastic location for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to take in the scenery. Since you can see a panoramic view of the great Himalayas such as Mt. Machhapuchhre, Ganesh, Mt. Langtang, Mt. Jugal, and others right in front of you, Suryachaur is also a great place to observe mountains.


In fact, it is one of the best viewpoints where one can see everything from the white snow range, to dark rocky mountains, to green hills, villages, and the river flowing like snakes.

On the routes inside the national park, traveling is more enjoyable. The route through the thick forest, the singing of birds, the distinctive sound of grasshopper insects, the sound of waterfalls, the enchantment of natural music formed from the fusion of everything, which takes anybody who arrives there to another universe.


In general, Suryachaur is also one of the major hiking places near Kathmandu. It is of the best hiking trails that trekkers typically choose for a day hike. When hiking through the Kakani, Suryachaur is the final place where trekkers can glimpse the Himalayas. The average duration of the hike from Kakani to Suryachaur is three hours.

You may take in the breathtaking Himalayan vistas by hiking from Kakani to Suryachaur. Along with the white, snow-capped mountains, you can enjoy the natural splendor during the trek. Basically, the trail is quite picturesque and covered in dense woodland.

Suryachaur Hiking

Moreover, the hike is appropriate for individuals of all ages, including adults and children. From Kathmandu, it takes approximately one and a half hours to drive to the Kakani Scout Camp, where the Kakani Suryachaur hike begins.

How to reach Suryachaur:

Suryachaur can be easily accessible by all sorts of vehicles from Kathmandu. You can get a local bus at Samakhusi, which will take you to Kakani Scout Camp. The bus fare costs around NPR 180. By the way, it is a part of the national park, so you need a ticket to enter. Basically, an NPR 150 per person ticket is required to enter the park.


Now, paragliding has been a second attraction at Suryachaur. In fact, it is the nearest place from Kathmandu to paraglide. Previously, the people of Kathmandu had to go to Pokhara to paraglide. Now, with the re-opening of paragliding, it has brought happiness among the people.


Furthermore, the number of visitors visiting the site has drastically begun to rise. Hope for the future, paragliding will draw more visitors to the area. This will undoubtedly help in the economic growth of the locals as well as the region.

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