Street Fighter 6: Capcom has released a new teaser trailer

Capcom has released a new teaser trailer for the next addition to the Street Fighter 6 roster. The new character, Ed, focuses on a boxing fighting style and is set to make a return as a DLC character in February. This article provides an overview of Ed, his role in the Street Fighter series, and the anticipation surrounding his upcoming release.

Ed: A Boxing Prodigy

Ed is a character in the Street Fighter series known for his unique fighting style that revolves around boxing techniques. He made his first appearance in Street Fighter V as a non-playable character and later became available as a playable character through downloadable content.

Return in Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s recent teaser trailer has confirmed Ed’s return as a DLC character in Street Fighter 6, generating excitement among fans of the franchise. The trailer offers a glimpse of Ed’s new look and hints at the potential impact he will have on the game’s roster and gameplay dynamics.

Anticipation and Reception

The announcement of Ed’s return has been met with anticipation and enthusiasm from the Street Fighter community. Fans are eager to see how his character will be integrated into the game and are looking forward to experiencing his boxing-centric fighting style in the upcoming release.

In conclusion, the teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 has set the stage for Ed’s highly anticipated return as a DLC character. With his distinctive boxing abilities and unique character design, Ed is poised to make a significant impact on the game and add a new layer of excitement for players and fans of the iconic fighting game series.

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