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Sarangkot is one of the major tourist destinations in Pokhara, Nepal. On the way to Sarangkot, about 3 kilometers away from Pokhara city, you will find a house situated on the edge of Sarangkot hill. Usually, lots of people have heard many rumors about the house. The house is well known as the “Haunted House” to many people.

In fact, it has been abandoned for more than 12 years. Therefore, the house has gradually fallen into ruin. Although the house was built many years ago, it is well-designed. It is built in European style. Such a house is rarely found in Pokhara city. It has lots of balconies, a huge garden, and a garage as well.

haunted house pokhara gate
Trespassing is prohibited

The house is situated in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees and bushes. It is located in a quiet area with no other houses nearby. Actually, it is kind of far from society. Maybe, due to its location and its condition, people might have thought in that way.

Besides, rumors of ghost sightings are also making a lot of people think that way. In fact, the house looks scary at first glance. Almost, all the doors and windows are broken, and the paint is all discolored. There is a lot of graffiti on the walls as well. Actually, the house has been a chill-out place for the junkies.

Story of the haunted house | Ghost Villa Pokhara

According to Tilochan Dahal, a 55 years old man, who has been watching the house for the past few years, it was built by Dev Maan Thakali, a resident of Pokhara. After the house was built, a Japanese man lived there.

However, the man left the house, only living for 3 days. Since that day, the house has been abandoned. Why did the Japanese leave? No one knows the reason yet.

Tilochan Dahal has refuted the rumors that people are talking about the house. He said that he had spent many nights in the house, but never felt anything ghostly. He says that the house is not haunted, it is just a rumor spread by the junkies.

Basically, Tilochan Dahal receives 70 US dollars per month for guarding the house. He lives a few meters away from the ‘Haunted House’. Usually, he visits the house three times a day: in the early morning, at midday, and at night, around 11.

Ghost villa Pokhara


During the visit, especially at night, he had found intruders several times and even chased them. Some young boys were also caught while they were painting graffiti inside the house. Later on, he sent them to the police.

Tilochan Dahal says that most of the land around this area is owned by the house owner. He says that he had been living in this area since his childhood, and never had seen or heard anything of ghosts.

According to Tilochan Dahal, lots of people have wanted the house for rent, but the owner has been refusing since the beginning. He says that the owner is planning to renovate the house in the upcoming days.

haunted house pokhara

Tilochan Dahal has also requested everyone not to make such false rumors from now on. He says the area was once a sacred place. So, building a house in such a holy place can be a cause for ruin. He has also mentioned Vāstu for a reason.

A few years ago, a random YouTuber posted a video of the house, calling it a haunted house. But later on, he was arrested. Therefore, Tilochan is upset about hearing such rumors. Well, the ‘Hunted House’ is not a haunted house in reality. It is just a false rumor. I hope people will stop believing in such rumors.


The haunted house has just undergone renovations and has been transformed into the brand-new restaurant “Ghost Villa Pokhara.”

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