Solo vs Squad PUBG MOBILE: Complete Guide – Best 6 Tips

Technically, you need insanely high skills, before jumping into solo vs squad in PUBG MOBILE. As we all know, PUBG MOBILE has become harder nowadays because almost every player has mastered their skills, spending hours on training grounds and watching lots of tips and tricks videos.

You need to master your skills, which include aim, recoil control, movements, and reflexes. Besides, you need to apply a lot of strategies while playing solo vs. squad. As it is the toughest task nowadays. Well, here are some of the strategies that might help you while playing solo vs squad in PUBG Mobile.

Best Strategies For Solo vs Squad In PUBG MOBILE

  1. Mindset

Since you are entering the match to combat against 99 players, you have to make up your mind not to panic in any situation. Because, you may be facing a couple of squads at the same time, which often happens in PUBG MOBILE. So, do not panic.

Best Strategies For Solo vs Squad In PUBG MOBILE

2. Don’t Go For Kills

Generally, most PUBG MOBILE players focus on kill points, so as a result, they focus only on that, and keep hitting the knocked-down enemies. In this case, most of them lose the chance of clutching. So, don’t go for kills, go for the clutch.

Pay attention to the footsteps sound, and give some pre-fire shots, as most of the players get panic if one of their teammates is knocked down, which they rush blindly giving you better advantages. So, pre-firing will often get a better chance to hit the enemies. Meanwhile, if your health is low, try to get cover, rather than engage in a fight.

2. MAP Study

You need to learn the whole map of the PUBG MOBILE. For this, you can create your own custom room and look at the map from different angles. As you get a better knowledge of the MAP, you will get a better idea, while tackling enemies.

3. Creating The Scene

Try not to get stuck in a dead-end situation. Keep focus, moreover, try to stay in the best position, where it is easy to tackle multiple enemies at a single time. Additionally, attempt to set up a setting that will draw your enemies toward you so you can acquire the greatest possible viewpoint. Maybe you might not succeed at your first attempt, keep repeating the situation.


4. Learn From Mistakes

Yes, it frequently occurs that you manage to eliminate three of the four opponents before being killed by the final one. In this case, you need to estimate your flaws. Watch the death replay, and focus on what would have been better in that situation. Try to avoid those mistakes.

5. Driving

You need good driving skills in order to play against a solo vs squad in PUBG MOBILE. In fact, one small mistake can cost you a great deal. Well, this is related to the above-mentioned point, which is to get a good knowledge of MAP.


Many of us got a habit of re-loading the gun after a few shots. This will create a mess while playing solo vs squad in PUBG MOBILE. So, if you have this habit, you need to fix it.

Similarly, most of us have a habit of carrying tons of ammunition. Carry only limited ammo, instead carry many throwables as possible. Moreover, try to carry Molotov rather than grenades. As Molotov is far more powerful than grenades, Similarly, try to carry about five first aid kits.

Solo vs Squad PUBG MOBILE: Complete Guide - Best 6 Tips

Well, these are some tips, which you need to follow while playing solo vs squad in PUBG MOBILE. Moreover, watch videos on YouTube. There are numerous videos of solo vs squad on YouTube. You can watch and get many ideas about techniques and strategies that you can apply in various situations.

You can also check out my videos, as I often play solo vs squad. There are several videos on my YouTube channel, TAILO Gaming.

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