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Since September 2021, Swift Holidays Pokhara has launched a City Sightseeing Bus in Pokhara, with a package of only NPR 600. In fact, this is the first sightseeing bus of Nepal.

Pokhara, the second-largest city, is the center point for the most of the trekking destinations. Lots of tourists, including both domestic and international, visit to Pokhara every year. However, it is too expensive for the visitors to roam around the city in a reserved vehicle.

Therefore, Swift Holidays launched the Pokhara sightseeing bus in service for the benefits of those tourists who cannot afford the expensive price of reserved transportations.

Generally, two buses have been brought into operation. One bus is for the city sightseeing route and one for the hill hiking route. Tourists will be able to travel in the 25-seat capacity bus with information of major tourist destinations of Pokhara in the package.

Routes of Pokhara Sightseeing bus

Route 1

The city sightseeing route is a package tour of around 8 hours. The bus will depart from Hallanchowk, lakeside. The route 1 includes the following destinations.

  • Vindhyavasini Temple

First destination will be the Vindhyavasini temple, which is the one of the major temples of Pokhara. It is located northwest of Pokhara, and, about 5.1 kilometers from Lakeside. Every year, many tourists visit the Vindhyavasini temple, most of whom are Indian tourists. In fact, the Vindhyavasini temple is of great importance in Hinduism.

Vindhyavasini Temple
  • Chameri Gufa

The second destination will be Chameri Cave, also known as Bat Cave. The bus will take you within 15 minutes. Many tourists visit Chameri Cave every year to see Chameri (bat). The cave is quite dark and slippery as well. Undoubtedly, visiting Chameri Cave will be an adventurous trip, and a lifelong experience.

  • Mahendra Cave

Mahendra Cave is also a major tourist destination in Pokhara. It is only a few miles east of Chameri Cave. The cave is about 200 meters long, with electric bulbs placed at various points inside the cave. In fact, it is a popular picnic spot for the people of the valley, and surrounding districts.

  • Seti River Gorge

The next destination will be Seti River Gorge, which is a holy site for Hindus. It lies in KI Singh Pool, about 6.4 kilometers from Lakeside.

  • Begnas Lake

Then the next destination will be Begnas lake, which is situated to the east of Pokhara city. It is the 3rd largest lake of Nepal. The bus will stop there for a lunch.

Pokhara Sightseeing

City Sightseeing Bus In Pokhara

  • Devis Falls

After lunch, the next destination will be Davis Falls. It is one of the popular waterfalls of Pokhara. It is located about 4 kilometers from the lakeside. This place is crowded with mostly local and Indian tourists.

  • Gupteswar Mahadev Cave

Gupteswar Mahadev Cave is next to Davis Falls. It is one of the major holy places of Nepal. Many devotees, from all over Nepal and India, make pilgrimage to the cave. Moreover, the cave is quite slippery and crowed with locals and tourists.

  • Khapaudi

Then the bus will go back to lakeside towards the Khapaudi. The bus will stop there for 1 hour. In fact, Khapaudi is a pleasant place to hang out. It is a beautiful village, which lies on the banks of Phewa lake. Thereafter, tourists will be dropped off back to Hallanchowk.

Route 2

The Hill hiking route will start from the Fishtail Gate, Basundhara Park, Pokhara. The route 2 includes the following destinations.

  • Vindhyavasini Temple

The first destination will be Vindhyavasini Temple same as the route 1.

  • Sarangkot View Tower

Then the next destination will be Sarangkot View Tower, which is situated at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. From the view tower, you can have a mind-blowing view of Himalayan Range, Magnificent Phewa Lake, and a panoramic view of Pokhara valley. In fact, it is the one of the popular hill stations in Pokhara.

  • Old Traditional Markets

Thereafter, it will roam around the old bazaars of Pokhara which includes Mohoria Toll, Bhimsen Toll and Ganesh Toll. You can experience old traditional cultures of Newars. In fact, Newars are an indigenous and historical group in Nepal. Moreover, Newar houses are built in the old traditional architecture, which is worth seeing.

  • Rato Pahiro

The next destination will be the bungee jump at Rato Pahiro. This is a newly established bungee jump in Pokhara. Then the bus goes to Davis Falls and Gupteswar Mahadev Temple.

  • World Peace Pagoda

After lunch at Davis Falls, the next destination will be the World Peace Pagoda. Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, it is a major tourist attraction in Pokhara. Similarly, the World Peace Pagoda is also called the Japanese Stupa or Shanti Stupa.

  • Lord Shiva Statue

The final destination of Route 2 will be the Lord Shiva Statue at Pumdikot in Kaski district. In fact, the 51-foot-tall statue is still under construction. However, public are allowed to enter the property. Moreover, it is only a few miles away from the World Peace Pagoda.



However, tourists have to arrange all the expenses like entrance fees, and the food expenses during the trip. The tickets for the Pokhara Sightseeing Bus are available in travel agencies. Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity for the tourists who are willing to travel Pokhara for a short duration, and at low budget.

In fact, Pokhara Sightseeing bus is the first ever city sightseeing bus in Nepal. This is the most effective and conventional facility provided by Swift Holidays Pvt. Ltd. in the development of tourism in Pokhara.

Contact Details For Pokhara Sightseeing Bus

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