Satya Mohan Joshi passed away at the age of 103

Satya Mohan Joshi, the literary centenarian and cultural expert, has passed away. Joshi, a patient at Kist Medical College in Gwarko, Lalitpur, passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 103, according to Narendraraj Prasain, member secretary of Nai Prakashan. He said Joshi passed away at 7:09 in the morning.

The death of Satyamohan Joshi was also verified by Joshi’s nephew, Ajarman Joshi. After his passing, Joshi promised to donate his corpse to the hospital. Joshi had stated that he would offer the body to students for research after his passing, rather than burn it into the ashes. Nephew Azarman stated that he would seek guidance from the family on how to proceed.

Satya Mohan Joshi, who had long-standing prostate and cardiac issues, was admitted to the ER and was receiving therapy on October 7.

Satya Mohan Joshi passed away at the age of 103

As a result of the examination’s discovery of dengue infection, a chest pneumonia infection, cardiac rhythm issues, and low oxygen saturation levels, the patient was sent to the critical care unit for treatment. Since a few days earlier, Joshi’s health had deteriorated significantly. Moreover, the Joshi couple had been receiving complimentary care from Kist Hospital.

Satya Mohan Joshi Biography

Satya Mohan Joshi is the son of Shankarraj Joshi and Rajkumari Joshi. He was born in Lalitpur in the year 1977 B.S., during the Baisakh festival. In recognition of his efforts to preserve the Nepali language, art, and culture, he was also given the Rashtradeep Award by the Nepalese government.

In general, he first won the Madan Award for folk culture in 2013 B.S., then again in 2017 B.S. for the book Nepali Rashtriya Mudra, and finally in 2028 B.S. for the book Karnali Folk Culture.

In fact, Suprabal Gorkha Dakshinbahu is only one of the numerous accolades and prizes he has earned. Furthermore, Trimurti Niketan bestowed the title of “Century Man” on him in the year 2071 B.S.

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