Rohit Giri: Stunning Snake Rescuer From Nepal

A 23-year-old boy from Pokhara has been rescuing snakes for the past few years. Rohit Giri, who lives in Chorepatan in the Kaski district of Nepal, is on a snake rescue mission. Many videos of snake rescuing have been posted on his YouTube Channel since 2019.

Rohit Giri is currently doing his BSC at the Prithvi Narayan Campus, Department of Zoology in Pokhara, which is one of the largest campuses connected to Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Love for snake

Almost every individual is afraid of confronting snakes, whereas he was interested in snakes since his childhood. The first snake he caught was the Green Vine Snake, which is commonly found in most parts of Nepal.

Most of his friends used to either run or try to kill the snakes, but he used to stop them from doing that. He would rather hold the snakes and set them free in the wild. In fact, Rohit used to be sad when he saw someone killing the snakes. Besides, his parents were worried about his behavior at the beginning.

Rohit Giri - Love For Snake

Rohit Giri – Hobbies and future plans

Rohit Giri has a great passion for photography as well. After S.L.C, he started taking photographs of the snakes while rescuing them. Continuing this process build-up with his deep interest in photography. He also works as a photographer for various events and ceremonies.

In the future, he is willing to continue his passion for frogs and snakes and go for further studies abroad. He has also a dream of opening a Snake Sanctuary in Nepal.

Rohit Giri - Hobbies and future plans


Lately, we have been watching his videos of snake rescuing on social media. He has visited almost every nook and corner of the valley for the rescue. He has even traveled a long way to the surrounding districts too for the rescue mission. Rohit Giri is playing a vital role in the protection of these reptiles.

Nowadays, many people have understood the importance of snakes. Therefore, Rohit Giri receives a number of calls every day. Similarly, numerous snakes are caught and rescued in the past few years. Basically, rat snakes were the most common snakes found in Pokhara. However, some rare species, like King Cobra, are also seen in various places.

In every video, he informs people about the characteristics and significance of snakes. He keeps telling the people to make a call in case they encounter a snake in their homes or surroundings, instead of killing it. He tells people about the importance of the snake and its role in the ecosystem.

Rohit says that snake venom is used in making medicines for various diseases. And, these medicines are used for diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, and other blood-related diseases. Rohit Giri also requests people not to tease the snakes and not to try any of his acts. Moreover, Rohit requests them not to kill but rather stay safe.

Rohit Giri - Snake Rescuer


Undoubtedly, Rohit is playing a vital role in the conservation of reptiles. Moreover, people are now aware of the importance of these reptiles. In fact, he is the one and only snake rescuer, who has made it this far.

Due to his polite behavior and his commendable work, he is loved by almost every individual in Nepal. Similarly, his YouTube channel has now reached 159K subscribers. Even during the locked-down periods during the Covid-19 epidemic, he has rescued numerous snakes around the city. Indeed, his hardship and his passion for snakes are truly commendable.

Well, if you ever spot a snake in your home or in your neighborhood, feel free to give him a call. You can contact him at these numbers:

  • Rohit Giri – 9866344156
  • Roshan Giri – 9840290781

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