PUBG Mobile better on mobile or on iPad 2023?

There is always a question among PUBG mobile players, “Is it better to play PUBG Mobile on mobile or on iPad?” Well, both mobile phones and the iPad have their own advantages and disadvantages. Besides, it depends on the mechanism of the device as well. It depends on how recent the device is.

In fact, PUBG Mobile is a high-end game; therefore, a highly integrated device is required to run the game smoothly. Therefore, whether you play on a mobile or on an iPad, the key factor is the quality of the device. However, the question remains, “What if both the mobile and the iPad have the same specifications?”

Frame Rate

Since PUBG Mobile is an online battle game, the frame rate plays a significant role in the game. As we all know, PUBG Mobile can run at a total of six frame rates. We can find the frame rate options in the settings as follows:

  • Low (20 fps)
  • Mid (30 fps)
  • High (40 fps)
  • Ultra (50 fps)
  • Extreme (60 fps)
  • 90 fps

However, most of the devices do not support 90 fps in PUBG Mobile. In fact, only a few devices, which have recently launched, can run the game at 90 fps. Indeed, the player playing at a higher frame rate has a lot of advantages over the player playing at a lower frame rate.

My experience

Well, I’ve started playing PUBG Mobile since its release. First, I played on the iPhone 6, which supports PUBG Mobile only up to 30 fps. Later on, I started playing on my iPhone X. Well, iPhone X can run PUBG Mobile in an Extreme setting, which is 60 fps.

Comparing PUBG on mobile and iPad

And now, I am playing on the iPad 8th generation, and it can also run PUBG Mobile at 60 fps. Therefore, with all my experience, I am going to write some advantages and disadvantages of the mobile and iPad while playing PUBG Mobile.


Well, the first factor that everyone can easily identify is the size of the screen. The main advantage of players playing on the iPad is its big screen. In fact, it is much easier to locate enemies on an iPad than on a mobile phone, in terms of vision.

Because everything is seen quite large, it is undoubtedly easy for the iPad player to distinguish whether the object is an enemy or just a rock or a bush.

Moreover, even without a scope, it is easy to track down the enemies on the iPad rather than on mobile. On the other hand, the crosshair is also bigger in size, so it is easier to track down the enemies in close-range combat. Therefore, playing PUBG Mobile is a lot better on the iPad due to its screen size.


Nowadays, PUBG Mobile has become extremely hard to play because almost all the players are competing, and it is hard to tackle. One must have good practice of in-game movements like jiggle movement, drop-shot technique, and crouch movement.

However, in comparison to mobile, the jiggling movement on the iPad seems quite slower than on mobile. This might be due to its bigger screen and the bigger joystick. Therefore, in this matter, the mobile player has a better advantage than the iPad player.

PUBG Mobile better on mobile or iPad

Sensitivity Settings

Well, in-game sensitivity plays a vital role in PUBG Mobile. In fact, it depends on the player, whether he/she is able to play on low, medium, or high sensitivity. Moreover, most players set their own sensitivity. Basically, PUBG Mobile has three different sensitivity settings.

  • Camera Sensitivity
  • ADS Sensitivity
  • Gyroscope Sensitivity

A player must set perfect settings for each sensitivity to control the game. However, no matter how much I adjust the sensitivity settings, it is hard to control the recoil on the iPad compared to mobile.

Well, it is not like the recoil control on the iPad is complete trash. However, in comparison to the iPad, it is far easier to spray on mobile, even on 6x scope as well. Therefore, as a matter of sensitivity, the mobile is better than the iPad.


Actually, in a matter of size, the iPad has a few disadvantages over mobile phones. The reason is that it is quite difficult to hold the iPad while playing the game. Whereas, due to the small size and lower weight, the mobile is more convenient while playing PUBG Mobile.

Moreover, it is easier to control the gyroscope sensitivity on mobile phones than on the iPad. Therefore, the mobile phone has more advantages in the matter of size compared to the iPad.

Frame rate

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile and iPad on PUBG Mobile

In fact, I have experienced certain lags and glitches on my iPad, while being inside the smoke in PUBG Mobile. It is not just a few times, but every moment, whenever I stay inside the smoke, the frame rate drops drastically to 10-15 fps.

Similarly, whenever I am surrounded by a bunch of squads, the frame rate drops again. However, it drops only for a matter of seconds, like 4 to 5 seconds. In fact, this may be some kind of defect on the iPad.

Claw setting

Nowadays, almost every PUBG Mobile player uses their own settings in the game. It is rare to find a player, who might play on the default setting of PUBG Mobile. In fact, players using the claw settings have a better advantage in the game.

Therefore, players playing on an iPad can set extra claw settings by using more fingers. However, on mobile, it will be quite difficult for the player to use extra fingers because of the screen size.


Well, these are some advantages and disadvantages of playing PUBG Mobile on mobile and iPad. However, these are just minor factors. In fact, playing PUBG Mobile on both devices is comparatively the same.

A player will need a good strategy, quick reflexes, and better luck to get victory in the game. In fact, all you need is practice. Besides, no matter what device you are playing on, all you need is good skills and good game sense.

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