Pokhara: Promoting Traditional Sports (2022)

The open boys game, which was held at the Tundikhel of Pokhara, was won by Kiran Sunar. Sunar also received a certificate, NPR 15,000 cash, a medal, and a ticket for a paragliding ride. In order to preserve the traditional sports, Sunar defeated 36 opponents in the Chhelo (shot put) competition held in honor of Janaipurnima by the Nepal Sports Federation Kaski.

Sunar won the competition by tossing the 11 kg javelin 46.4 feet, while Rohit Sunar placed second by tossing it 42.2 feet. They also won certificates, medals, and NPR 10,000 in cash for coming in second. Similar to this, Tek Gurung, who won third place by tossing the javelin 42 feet during the tournament, also received NPR 5,000 in cash, a medal, and a diploma.

Thelo Club Pokhara Gandaki Province provided technical support for the tournament, which saw Hari Kumari Gurung take first place by throwing a 5 kg weight of 20.8 feet. Kamala KC was able to gain second place by throwing the javelin 19.2 feet away, while Gurung got the NPR 1000 cash medal and certificate.

The women’s competition had seven players. Prize money, medals, and diplomas were given to the competition’s winners by CPN-UML Kaski President Man Bahadur Gurung, Nepal Sports Federation Kaski President Durga Dutt Pokhrel, and other individuals.

Priority To Traditional Sports

Khagraj Adhikari, a member of the CPN-UML Standing Committee and the head of the department in charge of propaganda, opened the competition by claiming that the current administration has not given traditional sports much attention and that pressure needs to be applied to get them to compete in both national and international competitions.

The National Sports Council, he claimed, was still refusing to shift the games for the national sports event to Pokhara, despite the Pokhara Stadium having been finished during the UML administration.

As the minister of sports, Jagat Vishwakarma, a member of the CPN-UML Politburo, has continued to promote the idea of “one municipality, one sports program.” He said that it is being planned and ought to be a part of the national sporting event.

Promoting Traditional Sports In Pokhara

The maintenance and advancement of traditional sports in Gandaki Province is a priority, according to Tej Bahadur Gurung, Member Secretary of the Gandaki Province Sports Council. Since taking over the Provincial Sports Council, he said, traditional sports like horseback riding, shooting stars, throwing contests, etc. have been organized throughout the province. He stated that he will place an emphasis on maintaining and promoting these traditional sports.

The preservation and promotion of traditional sports were highlighted at the program by the CPN-UML Kaski district coordinator Krishna Bahadur Thapa, Kaski district secretary Bain Bahadur Adhikari, Nepal Sports Federation Gandaki president Bishnu Pun, and others.

In addition, Nepal Sports Federation Kaski has announced that during the first week of August, a rope-pulling competition would be held at the stadium in Bhandardhik, Pokhara, in honor of Haritalika Teej, the significant festival of women.

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