Paragliding test flight continues at Manaslu (8163 meters)

Recently, a paragliding test flight has been hosted at Manaslu, the world’s seventh highest peak. The elevation of such a mountain is 8163 meters. A group of six climbers is practicing paragliding flights in Manaslu with authorization from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.

The test flight team included world record mountaineer Mingma Dabid (Gyabu) Sherpa, Nirmal Purja, and Westerners Bolton, Malcolm Budd, Horatio Lawrence, and JK Holland. On Monday, the crew, led by Sanubabu Sunar, made the first test flight from the base camp at a height of 4800 meters.

The first Paragliding test flight was successful

The feasibility of paragliding from a mountain higher than 8,000 meters is set to be examined for the first time, according to Mingma Dabid (Gyabu) Sherpa, a climber at the base camp.

He stated that the purpose of this endeavor is to examine and explore the viability of paragliding in Manaslu, develop mountain tourism, find a good location for adventure sports, and conduct technical studies.

He added that in the first test on Monday, three people, Nirmal Purja, Malcolm Budd, and Horacio Lawrence, had successfully flown from a height of 4,960 meters to Sanagaon.

“We are now planning for a test flight from the second and third peaks from the first camp at an altitude of 5,800 meters while we await good weather,” he added.

Manaslu Update

Furthermore, Sherpa claims that, while climbing and descending mountains is popular, this task is more appealing to climbers who wish to reach the base camp by flying. He stated that, despite the fact that the job of hanging the rope on Manaslu’s summit was accomplished on August 30th, there was a problem with climbing owing to inclement weather.

The tourist bureau reports that 484 people from 54 organizations have applied for authorization to climb Manaslu. The government has earned a revenue of 4 crores 62 million, 91 thousand 576 rupees as a result of the authorization granted to 120 women and 364 males. In the fall, Manaslu has the most climbing permits.

Mountain climbing is available in the spring months of March, April, and May, and in the fall months of September, October, and November. Last autumn, authorization was granted to climb 30 summits, including Manaslu.

According to the tourist agency, 647 people from 83 organizations obtained climbing licenses last year during this season. The government got Rs. 4 crores, 67 lakh, eight thousand and 722 rupees from Himalayan customs at the time.

Climbing in the mountains during bad weather

This year, ascending the high mountains has been impossible due to the severe weather that has been raging for the previous few days. Last year, about 80% of climbers returned after conquering various mountains, but this year, due to bad weather, they have not been allowed to do so.

The Department of Tourism claims that owing to poor weather conditions, climbing could not be done for a week after the job of placing ropes on several summits was finished. 500 climbers from 56 organizations were given permission by the department to ascend 13 summits this year, but as of Thursday, just 13 individuals had done so.


Overall, the first successful attempt brought more enthusiasm to the team. Now, they are hoping for the same result in their further attempts. Basically, if the task is completed successfully, then it will unquestionably help in drawing more visitors to the Manaslu region.

In general, paragliding has been one of the major factors in drawing visitors to Nepal for the past few years. It has been a major source of income as well.

Paragliding Pokhara

Moreover, several provinces have already opened various spots for paragliding in recent years. Among the destinations listed, Pokhara is one of the most popular destinations for paragliding in Nepal.

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