Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play? – Full Explanation #1

Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play?

“Why is PUBG Mobile so hard to play?“ This is a common question among gamers these days. PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending online royale battle games these days. Today, it is rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of this particular game. PUBG Mobile is a shooter game available in both FPP … Read more

Pokhara: Back Then In 90s

back then in 90s pokhara

Pokhara When I think of the old days, it feels like I was in an imaginary world. Life was different back then in the 90s. There was no internet or mobile phones. Only a few individuals in the neighborhood used to have a television in their homes. And everyone from the neighborhood used to go … Read more

Khumai: Best Trekking Destination In Nepal 2023

khumai, Trekking destination in Nepal

Khumai Dada is a trekking destination that most of you have never heard of. It lies to the north of Pokhara, in the Machhapuchhre Village Development Committee of the Kaski district, Nepal. In fact, Khumai Dada is one of the shortest hiking destinations in Nepal. It lies in the lap of Mt. Machhapuchhre at an … Read more

Pipar, a hidden paradise: Best Trek 2022

Pipar, a hidden paradise: Best Trek 2022

Pokhara is one of Nepal’s most beautiful cities, with breathtaking scenery. To the north, it is surrounded by the Great Himalayas, and it serves as a starting point for a number of hiking trails. Every year, a large number of tourists from various countries visit, mostly for hiking. Pipar is also a hiking destination, but … Read more

Best Dating Spots In Pokhara: Top 6 Places To Hangout

Bhanjyang village best dating spots in Pokhara

Currently, the population within the city is growing rapidly, and crowds can be seen everywhere. Although there are many good places in the city, it is difficult to find peace. Obviously, it is not safe to go in the crowd regarding Covid-19. Here, I am discussing some of the best dating spots in Pokhara, where … Read more

Best Homestays In Pokhara: Village Homestay 2022

best homestays in pokhara

In this blog, I have listed some best homestays in Pokhara, that merit a visit. As we are all hooked up to nature, everybody likes going out hiking, putting a camp, and spending time in nature. Well, Pokhara is a wonderful city with lots of enchanting landscapes. Basically, it is surrounded by magnificent Himalayan ranges and many amazing hills. … Read more

5 Most Underrated Nepali Singers/Musicians – Best

Top 5 underrated Musicians Of Nepal

In this blog, I am talking about the most underrated Nepali singers and musicians, who, I think, ought to get more attention and are out of focus compared to other recently trending artists. There are lots of talented Nepali musicians all over the world. The Nepali music industry, these days, has developed a lot more … Read more

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