Nepalese in South Korea: EPS Workers 2022

The number of Nepalese in South Korea has increased a lot since 2008. After the implementation of the Employment Permit System Korea (EPS Korea) in Nepal, a huge number of Nepalese have entered South Korea as workers.

These workers belong to two sectors, manufacturing and agriculture, and they are sent to different regions of South Korea. However, most Nepali EPS workers prefer to live in Seoul, and some have even left their companies to live in Seoul.

Actually, there is a district called Dongdaemun in Seoul. There are a large number of Nepali restaurants in this area, and it is common to meet Nepalese on the streets of Dongdaemun. In fact, lots of Nepalese have been living there for a long time.

Most of the Nepalese in South Korea, including, businessmen, students, immigrants, and EPS workers, are residing in different parts of the Dongdaemun district. Therefore, it is also called a Nepali town in South Korea.

The situation of Nepalese in South Korean Companies

In general, Nepalese EPS workers are sent to different companies in different regions of South Korea. Likewise, the workers in the agriculture sector are sent to more rural parts of South Korea.

In fact, most of the companies are situated a bit far from the city in South Korea. So, most of the workers feel quite lonely in their company.

Moreover, some workers don’t even have Nepali co-workers in their company. Therefore, whenever they visit Seoul, they do not want to go back. Actually, Dongdaemun is like a center point for all the Nepalese for the meet-up. Almost, all the subways are crowded with Nepalese during the weekends.

Mostly, during the holidays like Chuseok (mid-autumn harvest festival) and Seolnal (Korean New Year), it is hard to pass through the streets due to congestion. Therefore, the Korean government needs to mobilize police to control the Nepali crowd.

Nepali workers in South Korea

Actually, most of the EPS Nepali workers are not fully capable of understanding the Korean language in their first year, so it is obvious that they get scolded by their supervisors during work. Also, they don’t easily get comfortable with Korean foods in the beginning.

Therefore, when they visit Dongdaemun in Seoul and meet lots of Nepalese, they feel just like they are at home. There are numerous Nepalese associations and youth clubs in Seoul, and they have been organizing various seminars and programs during the occasions.

Similarly, lots of Nepalese artists are invited to the shows on various occasions and festivals every year.

Nightlife of Seoul

In fact, most Nepalese in South Korea are young and belong to different rural areas of Nepal. So after meeting Nepalese, who have already spent a few years in South Korea, they start visiting nightclubs and bars in Seoul.

Eventually, they become addicted to their lifestyle and move to Seoul. The most popular nightclub among the Nepalese is the UN Club, which is situated in Itaewon, Seoul. Every weekend, the club is crowded with Nepalese.

EPS workers in South Korea

There is a beautiful place in Dongdaemun called Naksan, which is one of the major tourist destinations in South Korea. Most Nepalese are residing in Naksan, which is just a few meters away from the Dongdaemun subway.

Every year, lots of tourists from different countries visit Naksan. Actually, it is situated on a hill, and we can have a panoramic view of Seoul city from the summit.

Everest Restaurant is the most popular Nepali restaurant in Seoul. However, there are many other Nepali restaurants, such as Potala restaurants, Himalayan restaurants, Pooja restaurants, Nepali Thai restaurants, Bhetghat restaurants, and so on. All these restaurants are crowded with Nepalese during the weekends.

Love for Seoul

In fact, most EPS Nepali workers are provided with free accommodation and food by their company. Some have even been provided free internet. In Seoul, however, they have to pay a deposit between 2 million and 10 million Korean won for apartments, and between 200,000 and 500,000 Korean won for the rent, excluding gas, water, electricity, and internet bills.

Whereas, most of them earn between 1.6 million and 2.8 million Korean won per month. As a result, their earnings are relatively low compared to others, who are living in the company, however, they prefer to live in Seoul.

Nepalese in South Korea

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