Mustang: A 50-Year-Old Thak Championship Has Started

The Thak Championship Running Shield, a prestigious sports event with a long history in Mustang, started on Thursday. The competition, which started almost 50 years ago, started this year in Thasang rural municipality-5 Taklung of the district.

Mustang: A 50-Year-Old Thak Championship Has Started

Annapurna Youth Club Taklung has been tasked with co-hosting the championship cup, which is conducted alternately between the inter-clubs of the district every year.

Thak Sports and Cultural Development Association is the parent organization in the development and promotion of the district’s sports sector.

The History Of Thak

Before 2060, Mustang had no access to roads and communications, and the glorious Thak Sports Champion Cup was started at the initiative of the British sports lovers of Mustang.

Earlier all the villages in Mustang used to have internal sports competitions. In this way, by tying the sports that are scattered in the district into a single formula, the association envisioned Thak Volleyball Championship.

The competition is being held by eight different youth clubs from Mustang’s Jomsom to Lower Zone Grass.
Its 50th golden jubilee was celebrated with grandeur on Thursday.

Political Support

Romi Gauchan Thakali, former Commerce Minister of Champaign, inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. Former minister Thakali said that despite their different political backgrounds, the district’s politicians can stand on the same platform.

Rather than saying how many achievements the competition has achieved, he said that the identity of many sportsmen has been established through it.

He said that even in the face of the upcoming elections, keeping aside political rivalry and prejudice and maintaining fraternal relations is the contribution of Thak Champion’s skills.

Constituent Assembly member Srimaya Thakali mentioned that champion skill should not be defined as a sport only. She said that it served as a bridge to establish its existence in the social and political spheres through sports.


Furthermore, the current Federal Member of Parliament, Prem Prasad Tulachan, said that the development of the sports sector would help in the sports tourism and economic development of the district.

He mentioned that there is a lot of potential in the sports sector in Mustang, and he said that he had taken various initiatives during his tenure as an MP. Chandramohan Gauchan, president of the association, said that the association is conducting ongoing competitions through this type of competition.

Following the history of the sport in Nepal, the Nepal Volleyball Association was established in 2033, and before that, the Thak Sports and Cultural Development Association was established in Mustang in 2027, and other events, including volleyball games, are being organized, President Gouchan said.

Lopsang Chomphel Bista and Prajia Netra Prasad Sharma, President of Loghekar Damodarkunda Gapa, wished success in the Thak competition.

The competition was stopped for two consecutive editions due to Corona. The association organized the championship two years after the corona was reduced.

The political figures received recognition

Former presidents who have been continuously leading the competition in the past, such as former commerce minister Thakali, outgoing federal parliamentarian Tulachan, former JVIS president Bishnuraj HirachanChhatra Bahadur Thakali, and other former presidents, have been especially honored by the association by wearing dosalla.

Thak championship - Mustang

Loghekar Damodarkunda Gapa has also been especially honored. Organizations that financially support Thak volleyball were honored.

The souvenir published on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee was jointly released by former Commerce Minister Thakali, outgoing MP Tulachan, and Association President Chandramohan Gauchan.


Until now, this type of competition, which covers the Thak Satsaya area, has been tried to cover all five municipalities of Mustang, but it has not been successful.

Various youth clubs from Mustang’s Jomsom, Sang, Marfa, Tukuche, Kowang, Leyte, Ghasa, and Taklung have participated in the Thak Champion Cup. It is a fact that some competitions organized in Mofusal are lost in two or four editions.

The competition will be held for four days. Various cultural programs, including women’s and men’s volleyball, Miss Mustang, singing competition, and archery competition, are included in the championship.

Sports lovers and local spectators have now gathered at Taklung, Mustang, for the tournament. Known as the granary of Mustang, Taklung has now become a sport.

Volleyball tournament in Mustang

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