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Most of the people in the city prefer to go to Mud House Restro to satisfy their hunger. In fact, Mud House Restro is one of the oldest restaurants in Pokhara. It is situated in Bharaib Tole, about 5.4 kilometers away from Pokhara Domestic Airport. Basically, it is popular for its delicious spicy dumplings (momo).

Since the year 1987, Mud House Restro has been providing an authentic taste for the people of Pokhara. Sangita Sen Thakuri, the owner and chef of Mud House, has been serving the guests for the past 35 years with the same taste, and with warm hospitality. Similarly, her husband and her son, are also helping in the restaurant nowadays.

Mud House Restro
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Dumpling (Momo)

Dumplings, or Momo, are one of the best foods for Nepalese people. It is the most popular food on the menu of almost every restaurant in Nepal. Basically, dumplings can be in a lot of varieties. However, the buff dumpling is the most common dumpling in Pokhara. Whereas, in eastern Nepal, pork dumplings are more consumed than buff dumplings.

Mud House Restro Dumpling

Similarly, vegetable and mutton dumplings are also available in some restaurants in Nepal. Cabbage is the most commonly used ingredient for vegetable dumplings. Moreover, buff dumplings are served with hot soup in most of the restaurants in Pokhara. In fact, the soup adds a better taste to the dumplings. Similarly, chicken dumplings are also available in most restaurants in Nepal.

Renovation Of Mud House Restro

Mud House Restro was established in a typical traditional house. Generally, most of the houses in Nepal were built with mud and stone in the old days. Therefore, the restaurant was named after the structure of the house.

Recently, Mud House Restro is renovated. A new look has been given to the restaurant, with all new furniture and designs. Moreover, a lot more rooms and space have been added to the restaurant. However, the authentic classic theme is still maintained as before. You can get the same cozy and nostalgic vibes as in the old Mud House.

Mud House Restro Renovation

Mud House Restro is also best for the Newari khaja set, as it includes a variety of food items such as Choila (buff/ chicken meat), egg, Chatamari (rice crepe), potato, Chiura (flattened rice), and Bhatta (roasted soybean).

Newari khaja set is one of the traditional foods of the Newar people. Moreover, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes such as Chow mein, Sha phaley (Tibetan food), Aalo stick (fried potato), sausage (buff/chicken), Buff sukuti (dried buffalo meat), and many more.

Sha Phaley is a traditional Tibetan food, just like Momo but different in shape and more fried or roasted. Basically, it is stuffed with meat and cabbage, and it is served with a spicy pickle. Recently, Sha Phaley has been a major dish among the people in Pokhara and is mostly available in every restaurant.


Bhariab tole is the popular traditional Newari bazaar of Pokhara. In fact, it is a major tourist destination in Pokhara. Also, it is one of the oldest towns in Nepal. We can see lots of old traditional Newari houses in the area.

Basically, the Newar people are the oldest tribe of Nepal, rich in traditions and cultures. Just a few meters ahead from the Mud House Restro, there is an old historical temple.

Bhimsen Temple Pokhara

The temple is called Bhimsen Temple, which is the one and only temple of God Bhimsen in the entire valley. In addition, Newar people are highly skilled in architecture, such as wood carving, sculpture, and many handicraft materials. We can find lots of old traditional handicraft shops in the area.


  • Mobile: 980-6513050
  • Address: Bhairab Tole

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