Mr Junior: Popular Streamer Of Nepal Since 2020

Sandesh Jung Rana, also known as Mr Junior is one of the most popular YouTubers in Nepal nowadays. A 23-year-old boy, Mr Junior is from Pokhara, Nepal. He is a multi-talented guy with a good personality.

Mr Junior has four YouTube channels related to gaming, dancing, and vlogging. He started his YouTube journey in October 2012 as a dancer.

Mr junior - Sandesh Jung Rana

In fact, he has a dance crew called Kristal Klaws Dance Crew, which was established in 2014. They have worked as a choreographer for various music videos.

One of the popular music videos is a song called Nacha Firiri, which has been viewed by 73 million people on YouTube. The music video was shot in Pokhara in July 2018, featuring the top Nepali actors, Nischal Basnet and Swastima Khadka.

Personal life

Mr Junior was born in Amardeep, Ward 16, Pokhara. He is the youngest member of his family. He has three elder sisters. He cleared his S.L.C. from Pragati Boarding School, which is located in Batulechaur, Pokhara. Mr Junior has been very creative since his childhood. He used to participate in various activities such as dancing, acting, sports, singing, and many more.

Moreover, Mr Junior has performed on various occasions and shows as a dancer. Moreover, he also performed with the great Indian dancer, Raghav Juyal in 2015.

Mr Junior - Gamer

Mr Junior as a gamer

Sandesh Jung Rana is now famous for his in-game name, Mr Junior. He started his video game-live streaming in April 2020. He first started streaming PUBG Mobile gameplay on his YouTube channel called Mr Junior and started gaining popularity through his funny acting and commentary.

In addition, his personality and gameplay captivated the audience day by day. Later on, during a live stream, he was raided by another Nepali streamer, Mr Hyozu, and went viral within a few days. Now, his YouTube channel, Mr Junior has 540K subscribers.

However, Sandesh, aka Mr Junior hasn’t played in any online gaming tournaments so far. He only plays for fun and entertains his viewers with his funny commentary. Besides, he also plays other online games such as GTA V, Garena Free Fire, Mine Craft, and many more. Nowadays, he streams on his Facebook page called “Mr. Junior rather than on YouTube.

Moreover, he often calls his viewers “Rago Gang” and his famous dialogue is “Rame ko nati”, which we can hear many times in his live stream. Basically, in Nepali, Rago means buffalo, while Rame is a Nepali name, and Ko Nati means grandson.

In addition, he rings a ghanti (a small, typical Nepali bell) on receiving every super chat and donation, which is one of the funniest aspects for his audience. Most recently, he streamed for 24 consecutive hours, which is the first time in the history of the Nepali gaming community.

Mr Junior - Dancer


Mr Junior also gives dance classes besides streaming. His office is situated in Niva galli, chipledhunga, Pokhara. His other YouTube channel, called Kristal Klaws Dance Crew, has 135K subscribers, which is shared by his crew members.

In fact, he has won several awards in various dance competitions. His dance crew consists of five members, four boys, and a girl. Pragati Pun Magar, the first runner-up of Boogie Woogie, Nepal’s largest dance show, is also a member of the Kristal Klaws Dance Crew.

Mr Junior vlog

Moreover, Mr Junior is also interested in vlogging in his spare time. We can watch his vlogs on his YouTube channel called “Mr. Junior Vlogs.” He has also vlogged with SK49, who is one of the popular streamers and professional PUBG Mobile players in Nepal.

Recently, he has created another YouTube channel called Mr Junior Reacts, where he uploads reaction videos and some short videos of his gameplay.


Mr Junior is making good earnings from his YouTube, Facebook, and dance classes. Moreover, he is playing a significant role in the development of the Nepali gaming community.

In addition, we often see him collaborating with other streamers on his live streams. Similarly, he often reacts to the montages of many streamers and promotes them. Nowadays, he streams live on his Facebook page, which has over 60,000 followers.

Mr Junior has also done many charitable live streams for donations. Besides, he supports various new streamers and also hosts many giveaway programs on his YouTube channel.

Overall, he’s been entertaining a lot of people, and it’s really admirable that he’s been able to make so much progress in such a short time at this age.

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