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Mini Muktinath: New Tourist Attraction In Tanahun

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Mini Muktinath - Tanahun

In the Shuklagandaki municipality of Tanahun district, an artificial mountain resembling Muktinath has been built to provide a view of Muktinath, a well-known religious pilgrimage site. The Division Forest Office, Tanahun, has built an artificial mountain similar to Muktinath in the Chyavandham premises near Shuklagandaki-2.

According to Komal Raj Kafle, Chief of the Division Forest Office, Tanahun, 108 Dhara (stone taps) have been built in the Chyavandham area, and a beautiful place has been created by carving the shape of mountains such as Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna.

Artificial Mountain To Give Glimpse Of Muktinath


In the Dham area, an artificial mountain has been built to improve the area’s beauty and develop it as a tourist destination. He stated that the Gandaki state administration has provided financial help in the amount of NPR 2 million for this project, as well as a 10% local cost share.

Sumendra Lalchan, Chairman of Muktinath-Shuklagand Chyavandham, claimed that the term “Mini Muktinath” has gained popularity since the artificial mountain range and 108 Dhara were built. He stated that the Dham was established in 2065 BS with the active participation of the inhabitants after accessible people purchased this riverbank land and attempted to settle it on 23 ropanis of land.


Durgadatta Sapkota, the Dham’s Secretary, stated that assistance has come from all sectors in order to safeguard public land and develop the tourism destination’s infrastructure. Similarly, three years ago, a Mahayagya (Hindu rites) was done to raise funds for the construction of a holy shrine on the banks of the river Seti.

Muktinath - Mahayagya

The collected funds have been used to begin the development of the temple’s infrastructure. “In the Chyavandham premises, an exquisite temple of Shukleshwar Mahadev has been created,” he remarked. Similarly, copper is used to construct the temple’s roof.

Moreover, Surya Narayan, Laxmi Narayan, Durga Bhavani, and Ganesh’s temple are all located near Shukleshwar. Furthermore, 108 Dhara, 108 Omkar Kalpavriksha, 108 Shivalinga, Moksha Kunda, Old Age Home, Park, and other structures have been built to resemble Muktinath.

Muktinath - Tanahun

In the grounds of Chyavandham, there is also a Buddhist monastery. The monastery was constructed with the intention of respecting each other’s religious beliefs. In general, NPR 30 million has been invested in infrastructure projects over a ten-year period, according to the committee.


Budgets are jointly provided by the federal government, state governments, and municipal governments. With the installation of infrastructure, Chyavandham is expected to become a popular tourism destination for domestic visitors. Moreover, Arjun Lamsal, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, said there is a long-term intention to develop a tiny zoo in the Dham region.

Chyavandam will undoubtedly be a convenient holy place for devotees who are unable to travel a significant distance to Muktinath. It will also be one of the best tourist destinations in Tanahun, with numerous additional infrastructure and facilities. As a result, it may be able to assist the economic development of the Tanahun district in the future.

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