Methlang: Popular Hill Station In Pokhara

Methlang is a hill station in Pokhara, Nepal. It lies at an altitude of 1105 meters above sea level. Methlang is about 8.1 kilometers away from Pokhara Domestic Airport. The starting point of the road to Methlang is located on the west side of Baglung Bus Park. Similarly, you can get a local bus from Baglung Bus Park that will take you 15 minutes to the destination. In fact, after the viral TikTok videos of Tappu Resort, situated in Methlang, it has become quite popular nowadays.


Methlang lies in the middle of Pokhara city, right next to Sarangkot hill. It is the nearest hill station in Pokhara. From the summit, you can get a 360 view of the Pokhara Valley. Moreover, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Himalayan Range, and the magnificent scenery of beautiful Phewa Lake, along with a spectacular view of the Shanti Stupa and Lord Shiva Statue.

Furthermore, it is also famous for its sunrise view. Lots of people around the city, visit Methlang to see the mind-blowing sunrise. Similarly, you can see almost every hill station from the summit, such as Kahun Dada, Sarangkot, Gharmi Dada, Dhiki Dada, Raniban, and many more. Apart from this, the take-off zone for paragliding is only a few meters away from Methlang. Therefore, you can see lots of astonishing paragliders in the sky above Methlang.

Hiking At Methlang Pokhara

Methlang is quite popular for hiking as well. There is a beautiful hiking trail approximately 2 and a half hours, from Khapaudi, Lakeside. The hiking trail passes through the beautiful villages of the Kaskikot Village Development Committee.

In addition, there are many homestays in the villages, where you can experience the excellent hospitality of the locals in a peaceful environment with traditional Nepali dishes. Besides, many people prefer to hike along the road from Baglung Bus Park as well. During the morning and evening time, you can meet lots of people walking along the road of Methlang.

Methlang Park

Recently, Methlang Park has been opened to the public. It is about 2 kilometers away from Baglung Bus Park. The park is also called the National Heritage and Martyrs’ Park, or Sahid Park in Nepali. It was established in memory of the national heroes of Nepal.

There is a total of five statues in the park, including four martyrs, the late Yogendra Man Sherchan, the late Bhupendra Dahal, the late Pushpalal, and the late Logendra Sherchan, and the late Prithvi Narayan Shah, the first king of United Nepal.


Besides, there are some wildlife statues, some exercise equipment, and a beautiful garden. Therefore, many people visit the park to get some refreshments and enjoy the scenery. Similarly, the park is built on the sloping land of Methlang, from where you can get a spectacular view of the Pokhara Valley. Lately, the park has been a major tourist attraction in Pokhara.

However, there is a ticket fee to enter the park. The ticket fee for the Nepali citizen is NPR 20, and NPR 50 for the foreigner. Similarly, the ticket fee for the students is NPR 10 only.

Restaurants and Resorts in Methlang

Well, there are numerous restaurants and resorts in Methlang nowadays. You can find lots of local restaurants as well. Since the place has become quite popular since last year, many people from the city, as well as the surrounding districts, visit it daily.

I have listed the two best restaurants and resorts in Methlang below.
  • Taapu Restro & Cottage

Taapu Restro & Cottage is the most popular restaurant in Pokhara nowadays. It lies on the top of Methlang hill. The restaurant has built a huge statue of a human hand in their courtyard, on which people can climb, and take photos and videos. Therefore, the videos of the resort have gone viral on social media.

Methlang hand

Most people visit the place to take photos and videos of the statue (Methlang Hand). However, it costs NPR 100 to take a photo of the statue. Besides, the restaurant offers delicious continental dishes, and Nepali dishes as well. However, the restaurant is crowded most of the day.

  • Rock Garden Resort

Rock Garden Resort is one of the best resorts near Pokhara. It lies on the west side of Methlang, about 4.5 kilometers from Lakeside. The resort is generally popular for campfires.

Besides, you can have a beautiful view of Pokhara Valley and astonishing Phew Lake, along with a panoramic view of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Machhapuchhre. In addition, it is a great place for yoga and meditation. Similarly, the resort offers a variety of Asian and continental dishes with excellent hospitality. Indeed, Rock Garden Resort is the perfect place to visit in Pokhara.


There is a beautiful ashram in the middle of the forest at Methlang. It is called Pokhara Chisakhola Veda Vidyashram. The ashram was established in 2020 B.S. It is a school for Brahmin priests. The ashram provides education in Sanskrit literature and astrology. Similarly, the ashram has been providing shelter for more than 200 priests.


Undoubtedly, Methlang is one of the major tourist destinations in Pokhara. It is crucial to the development of Nepal’s tourism industry. The plus point is that it is the nearest hill station. In addition, most of the hill is covered by dense forest rather than habitat.

Similarly, you can get peace of mind while walking along the beautiful hiking trail. Besides, there is a beautiful waterfall on the side of the road. Lots of people from the city go there for refreshments. However, it originates only during the summer. Therefore, the best time to visit Methlang is in the summer.

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