Lo-fi Music In Nepal: Best Lofi Songs 2022

Lo-fi music is kind of unfamiliar to most people in Nepal. Nowadays, the music industry in Nepal has made great progress. Various new artists are showing up with their unique creations. There are numerous great songs based on almost all genres. The flow of newcomers with new genres is going on.

Furthermore, musical events and gigs are a lot better than in the old days, with all their lighting and sound systems. Underground music is also the trend nowadays. Heavy metal bands like Underside, Ayurveda, Antim Grahan, and many more have gone far beyond the international level. However, it is hard to find lo-fi music in Nepal.


Basically, the full form of Lo-fi is low fidelity. It is a musical quality that is typically viewed as a defect of a recording, sometimes as an intentional stylistic decision. Mostly lo-fi music is at a slow tempo and is very soothing to hear. In a simple language, Lo-fi music is a relaxing beat to chill, study, sleep, and so on.

Most lo-fi music draws on hip-hop influences—particularly its commonplace drum patterns—and is recorded by artists at home rather than in recording studios using a tape machine. Indeed, it also gets variety like other genres.


Lo-fi music is not as popular among Nepali crowds as compared to other genres, even though there are a small number of individuals concentrating on this particular music. Among a few, KHEDI Lofi, Shike Beatz, Brijesh Shrestha, White Lotus Lounge, Ajay Thapa Magar, and Esther Rijan are some of them. Several tracks have been uploaded on their YouTube channel.

Skyscraper, Reason, Rainy Day, Yedi, Safe & Sound, I’m leaving, Far Away, and Fading Lights are some of the best tracks, which are based on the lo-fi genre. Yedi is a great creation by Sujan Joshi, aka Shike Beatz, featuring Piroo and Elvin.

Whereas, I’m leaving is a great creation by Ajay Thapa Magar. In fact, Ajay is one of the most talented guys in videography. He is a content creator, music producer, and filmmaker.

Reason and Skyscraper are the best compositions by KHEDI Lofi in the field of the lo-fi genre in Nepal. KHEDI Lofi started its musical journey in November 2020 in the lo-fi genre. They are from Pokhara, Nepal. Actually, the KHEDI Lofi YouTube channel is the one and only dedicated channel in Nepal, based on lo-fi music.

Lo-fi Music In Nepal


Well, there are many talented Nepali people working in this genre. We can find lots of lo-fi remix tracks on YouTube. Actually, those are just a reverbed and slowed version of the original songs, with a bit of a mix of piano tunes and some guitar licks.

In fact, lo-fi music is also all about mixing the sound effects of various instruments and looping them into a melodious tune. However, it is rare to find someone with their own original lo-fi-based tracks in Nepal. I hope in the future, maybe more Nepalese will get interested in this particular music.

Some of the best lo-fi remix Nepali songs are:

lofi music Nepal


As we speak of lo-fi music, the Lo-Fi Girl YouTube channel has got 9.61 million subscribers now. And the live viewers’ count goes above 30k. So, this shows how many people have been influenced by this particular music.

Therefore, in the context of Nepal, creating lo-fi music and playing them on YouTube live stream will be a new and fresh start in the YouTube journey.

In this way, it may attract more people to this particular music and may help to grow its fan base in the future. In fact, listening to Nepali lo-fi music on live streams will be a great pleasure.

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