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Various restaurants, cafes, and bars are rapidly sprouting in various locations around Nepal these days. Many people have proposed fresh notions and ideas. In several cities, there are numerous Korean restaurants. Dokdo Sarang, a Korean restaurant, is gaining quite a popularity in Nepal.

Dokdo Sarang

Dokdo Sarang is situated on Kupondole Heights Road 290, Lalitpur 44600. Kumar Khatri, a 35-year-old man, came up with a brilliant concept for this restaurant. The name Dokdo is a Korean name for a South Korean island. In Korean, the word Sarang signifies “love.”

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Dokdo Sarang Map Location

The restaurant has a nice Korean decoration. They provide excellent service and a welcoming ambiance while serving a range of Korean delicacies. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, they now offer home delivery as well.

Personal life

Kumar Khatri was born in Amardeep, a small town north of Pokhara. His family consists of six members, including himself. He has a younger brother and two older sisters.

Kumar Khatri now resides in Kathmandu, but his parents continue to reside in Pokhara. His younger sibling is currently residing in South Korea. Kumar has been working since he was a child. He was, nonetheless, gifted and accomplished in practically all pursuits since childhood.

Early career

Kumar began working in a Korean restaurant called Hangkook Sarang in Lakeside, Pokhara when he was very young. He had the opportunity to meet Korean folks and learn about their culture and cuisine. He met some nice Koreans and learned several Korean languages from them.

Since then, he’s been fascinated by Korean cuisine and culture. He had always wanted to visit South Korea. He also fantasized about having his own restaurant. Moreover, he also worked as a guide in Pokhara for Korean visitors.

Kumar Khatri: Owner Of Dokdo Sarang | Korean Restaurant

The Nepalese government later implemented a new scheme at the end of 2007. It was known as the Employment Permit System in Korea, and it allowed Nepalese citizens to work in South Korea after passing a series of exams. To pass the test, however, one must have a decent command of the Korean language.

As a result, Kumar had a perfect opportunity to realize his ambitions. He enrolled in Bishow Maitri Vasa, a Korean language institute, for an advanced course after learning some basic Korean languages.


Kumar visited South Korea via EPS Korea in February 2008. As a result, he had even more opportunities to learn Korean cuisine and culture. He also worked in Incheon, South Korea, at a motor parts manufacturer. After his work visa expired, Kumar returned to Nepal in 2013.

Nepal had evolved dramatically throughout the years. Kumar had not anticipated this outcome. The price has risen to an unacceptably high level. At the time, he couldn’t afford to operate a restaurant. As a result, he returned to South Korea in 2015 for another five years.

Korean Restaurant Dokdo Sarang


Kumar later went to Nepal in 2020 and began his project with the assistance of his co-partner.

While working in Hankook Sarang, Kumar had read about the Dokdo island in the newspaper. He had a desire of opening a restaurant called Dokdo Sarang ever since. In fact, Japan and South Korea have had a long-running territorial dispute over the island.

Kumar has continued his pastime as a chef at Dokdo Sarang because of his enthusiasm for cooking from childhood.

Dokdo Sarang

Besides cooking, Kumar also has a strong interest in music as well. He enjoys listening to classical music and ghazals. Since his childhood, he has also sung many Korean songs. One of his favorite Nepali bands is 1974 A.D., for which he has a tattoo on his arm.

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