Khumai Dada: Best Trekking Destination In Nepal (3245 m)

Khumai Dada is a trekking destination that most of you have never heard of. It lies to the north of Pokhara, in the Machhapuchhre Village Development Committee of the Kaski district, Nepal. Khumai Dada Trek is one of the shortest hiking destinations in Nepal. It lies in the lap of Mt. Machhapuchhre at an altitude of 3245 meters above sea level.

Moreover, it is also included in the Machhapuchhre Model Trek, which is a recently opened trekking trail in the Annapurna Conservation Area. Undoubtedly, Khumai Dada is the most underrated trekking destination in Pokhara, Nepal. You will have a magnificent view of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Korchan, Mt. Machhapuchhre, and Mt. Lamjung from the summit.

Khumai Dada - Khumai Dada Trek

The hiking trail passes through many villages, and dense rhododendron forests, and finally reaches the picturesque meadows of Khumai Dada, where we can find many sheep farms in the area. In addition, flocks of sheep can be seen grazing on the green slopes of Khumai Dada, which is worth seeing.

Khumai Dada route campaign

The members of GMT (Great Machhapuchhre Trail) from the Machhapuchhre Village Development Committee are working on its development, and promoting tourism. Last year, a small campaign was held by the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and GMT members for its route improvement.

A hundred youths from nearby villages participated in the campaign. The hiking trail was badly affected by the rain and snow. Therefore, the new trail has made it easier for tourists nowadays.

Khumai Dada Nepal

Khumai Dada Route

Khumai Dada is a 2-day trek from Ghachok village. The first destination will be Hile Kharka, where you will find a small campsite, for the night’s stay. The campsite was set up by the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAN), which has been promoting tourism in Nepal since 1979. The campsite has now been restored by GMT members, and additional spots have been added.

Khumai Dada Route

It takes approximately 6 hours to reach Hile Kharka from the village. Hile Kharka is located at an altitude of 2160 meters above sea level. Then, finally, you will reach the summit within 5 hours from the campsite.

By the way, in Khumai Dada, there is only one guest home, which was founded by GMT members. Therefore, you must bring your camping gear, which is highly recommended.

You can take any means of transport to reach Ghachok village, which is about 20 kilometers away from the city. You can get a local bus from Harichowk, which directly takes you to Ghachok village in approximately 1 hour. Also, you can take a bus from Bagar, however, it is the longer route to Ghachok. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Ghachok from Bagar.

khumai Dada Trek

Ghachok village

There are lots of homestays in Ghachok village. It is a typical Gurung village rich, in culture and tradition. Therefore, spending a day in Ghachok will be a good experience too. Besides, there is a beautiful waterfall near the village, which is worth seeing.

Similarly, you can have a breathtaking view of Mt. Machhapuchhre and the surrounding villages, such as Khadarjung, Bhurjung Khola, Paiyu, Chyanglung, Chaura, Tallokot, and Kaseri. Most of the youths involved in the Khumai Route campaign belong to Ghachok village. Therefore, it is not that hard to find a guide in Ghachok village, if needed.


Khumai Dada Trek

Eventually, it will be a great experience to visit the otherworldly, Khumai Dada. The breathtaking view of the Himalayan herb fields and the clouds floating just beneath the highlands will allure you.

Khumai Dada Trek is the most underrated trekking destination in Nepal. Therefore, if you are thinking of a trek on your next vacation, then Khumai will be the best option on your bucket list.

Kumai Dada Trek Route

  • Kathmandu ———— Pokhara International Airpot (30-min Flight)
  • Pokhara International Airpot ———— Harichowk (30-min Ride)
  • Harichowk ———— Ghachok Village (45-min Ride)
  • Ghachok Village ———— Hile Kharka 2160m (6 hours)
  • Hile Kharka ———— Khumai Dada 3245m (5 Hours)

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Similarly, every year, numerous tourists from all over the world, visit Nepal for trekking. Some of them go to the eastern side trek, whereas, some go to the far west. And, similarly, some enter Pokhara, which is the western side of Nepal.

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