Kapuche Lake: A Captivating Short Trek In Nepal (2,546 m)

The Kapuche Lake trip is one of Nepal’s shortest and easiest hikes. This new, less-crowded route goes to the beautiful Kapuche Glacier. In comparison to the other trekking locations in Nepal, Kapuche Lake is just 2,546 meters above sea level. In general, Mts. Annapurna II and IV are the principal sources of Kapuche Lake.

In general, a snowy surface is referred to as a “kapuche” in the Gurung language. During the journey, one may witness several bird species in the forest and get a panoramic view of Mt. Annapurna II, Mt. Annapurna IV, and Mt. Lamjung.

Route To Kapuche Lake

The Kapuche Lake Trek begins in Pokhara. After around four hours of travel by jeep or bus from Pokhara’s Kahun Khola Chowk, you will reach Sikles village. After crossing the gravel road to Sikles, the Gurung culture greets you.

Sikles is a typical Gurung village, situated at an altitude of 1981 meters above sea level. The chilly wind from the mountains begins to blow as soon as you reach the village. To spend your first day in Sikles, you will find hotels and homestays for as little as $12 per night.

Route To Kapuche Lake

In general, the primary joy of this journey is hiking while hearing the soothing sound of the Madi River. On your trek after leaving Sikles, you won’t find another village. In fact, the shelter is only accessible after arriving in Hugu Goth, which has three hotels, and Kapuche, which has three more.

Hugu Goth is a small campsite situated at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. Hugu Goth may be reached after 6 to 7 hours of hiking from Sikles. Similarly, Kapuche Lake is only a two-hour steep climb from Hugu Goth.

Hugu Goth - Kapuche Lake

While trekking to Kapuche through the challenging woodland trail, loneliness dissipates even if an open area may be observed. Generally, the Kapuche trek is a tranquil adventure. There is no noise and you will rarely meet other hikers. There is simply the beauty of nature. For those who want a tranquil journey, this is an absolute trek.

Facts About The Kapuche Lake Trek

The Kapuche Lake trek might be a challenging descent or a steep climb at different times. The risk of falling is still present if you are not careful while hiking.

Today, the most popular treks that begin from Sikles village are Kapuche Lake and Kori. Sometimes during the trekking season, Sikles’ hotels and homestays get crowded with visitors. In fact, it might be challenging to handle the crowd at times.

Moreover, mules are used for carrying items to the village. However, it is difficult for these animals to travel this risky trail. Therefore, the villagers are dependent on others to move their commodities. A porter who transports things from Sikles to Hugu Goth is paid $2,000, while one who transports goods to Kapuche is paid $3,000.

Kapuche Lake Route

In fact, more visitors would be attracted if the road could be made better. Additionally, the locals are requesting the regional administration to set up solar lighting in Kapuche.

Moreover, Hugu Goth and Kapuche Lake have no communication infrastructure. The mobile network is not functional, so it is only used for capturing images.


Nevertheless, the Kapuche Lake trek is the best and shortest trek to get a close look at the Himalayan range. Moreover, it is the lowest glacier in Nepal. After reaching this lake, the mountains are right in front of your eyes. The beautiful blue water of the glacier lake makes you forget all the difficulties of the journey.

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