Infolinks | Best AdSense Alternative 2022

What is the best AdSense alternative for a website? Is Infolinks a legit ad network? How much does Infolinks pay per 1000 views? What are the requirements for Infolinks approval? Which is better, Infolinks or AdSense? What are the payment options in Infolinks?

Well, all these questions might be going on in your mind, right? Since AdSense is rejecting almost 95% of the approval nowadays, it is quite depressing for all the new bloggers. In fact, the competition has gone quite high these days.

Did you get rejected by AdSense again?

If so, then do not worry. There are several ways to monetize your website. In fact, various ad networks are ready to work with new bloggers like you. Among those, Infolinks is one of the best ad networks that you must go for. In fact, it is the best AdSense alternative so far. However, Infolinks also has some policies and certain guidelines. Somewhat, the Infolinks policies are quite similar to AdSense.

Therefore, if you meet the requirements and if your content is not violating any of the policies, then you are good to go. Basically, Infolinks replies within 48 hours. So, you don’t need to wait for weeks. Anyway, some requirements that you need to follow in order to get Infolinks approval are listed below.

Best AdSense Alternative
Best AdSense Alternative
  1. Domain age There is not a problem, even if your domain is just a one day old.
  2. Number of PostsYou need to have at least 10 unique and quality posts. Your content should not violate the guidelines. And, make sure that your posts are indexed.
  3. Article lengthMake sure to write each articles of at least 500+ words.
  4. TrafficYou don’t need high traffics, in order to apply for infolinks. Basically, around 5 to 10 unique visitors per day is enough.

Well, if you meet the above requirements, then you are eligible to earn money via Infolinks. Besides, make sure to log in via your Gmail ID rather than Facebook. So, what are you waiting for??? Just sign up for the best AdSense alternative and start earning money. Sign up by clicking on the image below.


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