How To Get Rid Of Ad Serving Limit? Best Solution (2023)

Ad serving limit is one of the most frequent problems that practically every publisher encounters during their blogging careers. As we are all aware, Google AdSense is the largest and most well-known ad network. It is actually the most trustworthy advertising network that compensates publishers for both impressions and clicks. Because of this, the majority of bloggers favor Google AdSense to monetize their websites.

In addition to its positive attributes, Google AdSense is strict in the matter of rules and regulations. As a Google AdSense partner, you are required to abide by their policies and guidelines. As a result, if you violate any of the guidelines, your AdSense account will soon have a limit placed on the number of ads it may serve.

What Is The Ad Serving Limit?

The term “ad serving limit” is basically a penalty Google AdSense imposes on your website if it discovers any invalid activities. As a result, while you are receiving it, there won’t be any or less advertising on your website.

There are typically two types of ad serving limits: account being assessed and invalid traffic concerns.

  • Account Being Assessed

An account being assessed occurs whenever Google identifies invalid activity on your sites, such as invalid clicks, ad placement errors, copied content, or any other policy violations.

  • Invalid Traffic Concerns

When your site receives more traffic from other sources than organic or Google searches, this is referred to as an “invalid traffic concern.”

How long does the Ad Serving Limit last?

Technically speaking, the ad-serving limit on your site will remain active unless the issue is solved. As a result, there is no time limit on how long the ad serving limit will be in effect. However, the minimum time limit for ad serving is 30 days.

How do I get rid of the ad-serving limit on AdSense?

In order to get rid of the ad serving limit on AdSense, you have to identify the issue first. So, let us discuss the issues and how to fix them.

  • Invalid Traffic

One of the most common reasons that most publishers get the ad serving limit is due to invalid traffic. So, if you are running any campaign that is drawing low-quality traffic to your site, then you have to stop it immediately.

How do I get rid of the ad serving limit on AdSense?

Similarly, if you are intentionally pushing traffic through direct messaging or social media, this might be another reason. In order to fix this issue, you have to remove those links from social media and other sources.

As a consequence, if the amount of traffic coming from organic sources exceeds the amount of traffic coming from other sources, the ad-serving limit will be removed within 30 days.

  • Invalid Clicks

The primary cause of receiving an ad serving limit is invalid click activity. In fact, this has been a major issue for practically all publishers. Generally speaking, clicks that often come from the same IP address or a VPN server will be regarded as illegitimate clicks.

To identify this, you have to regularly check your CTR on your AdSense account. If your CTR is increasing drastically more than average, then you need to be aware.

In order to resolve this issue, you can get several plugins on WordPress that will identify such suspicious traffic and clicks. Additionally, you may disable your advertisements while monitoring traffic.

  • Bad Ad Placement

There are certain AdSense policies and guidelines that we unintentionally violate. One of the common reasons is bad ad placements. Some examples of bad ad placements are:

  • An ad overlapping another ad
  • Ads covering the content or too close to the content
  • The number of ads is more than the content
  • Showing ads on pages with no content
  • Modification of ad codes
Ad Serving Limit

Well, in order to fix this issue, try using responsive ad codes rather than fixed-size codes. Similarly, exclude auto ads on the pages with no content. After doing this, you will get rid of the ad-serving limit on your site within thirty days.

  • Policy Violation

A policy violation is another major reason for exceeding the ad serving limit. Maybe you have posted the content that is against Google AdSense policies and guidelines. In this case, you must remove the content immediately or improve the specific lines of that content that are violating the AdSense policy.


Overall, these are the reasons and solutions to fix the ad serving limit on your site in 2023. Try not to panic; it is just a minor penalty from Google AdSense. Because Google used to suspend AdSense accounts directly for policy violations. As a result, they are just placing ad limitations these days, which is a positive feature.

However, after getting this penalty, take more time to improve your site. Try to post more articles and drive traffic organically. Within a matter of time, Google will analyze your site and update it automatically.

How to fix Ad Serving Limit (2022)

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