Ghandruk: A Worth Visiting Tourist Destination (2023)

Ghandruk is one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal. It is a typical Gurung village situated at an altitude of 2012 meters above sea level. Basically, this village is popular for its breathtaking natural splendor.

Ghandruk is located in the Annapurna region of the Kaski district. In fact, it is the most convenient destination on the Annapurna Trail. During the trekking season, this village is crowded with trekkers.

Geographically speaking, Ghandruk is the largest village in the Kaski district. It is surrounded by Mt. Annapurna in the north, Modikhola in the east, Sardikhola in the south, and Myagdi district in the west. In the Gurung language, Ghandruk is referred to as “Ko dho naasa.” Ko denotes a high place, Dho is a home, and Naasa means village.

Why is Ghandruk famous?

Generally, Ghandruk provides a magnificent view of the Annapurna range, including Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Annapurna (7219 m), Machhapuchhare (6993 m), and Himchuli (6411 m), as well as a spectacular sunrise and sunset. Moreover, the Ghandruk trip is known for its amazing Gurung culture, picturesque settlements, and topographical contrasts.

Basically, the stone-built homes of the Gurung people and the unforgettable close-up views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna glaciers would enchant everyone. The mountains’ brilliant illumination during winter nights mesmerizes visitors. This is the reason why this village has gained popularity both domestically and abroad. In fact, Ghandruk is now referred to as “the Queen of the Mountains” by certain people.

Why is Ghandruk famous?

With its crumbling stone homes, stone courtyards with slate prints, and crumbling walkways that lead to every home, this village has revealed the identity of the Gurungs. The Gurungs’ way of life, which involves working in the fields all day and grazing sheep and goats in the evening, has become a legend in the village.

Moreover, it is a tourist destination in Nepal that focuses on eco-friendly practices and has about 300 homes. The need for power has been met by more than eight micro-hydro projects at once. Moreover, the majority of the residents of Ghandruk work in the hotel sector.

Is Ghandruk worth visiting?

Ghandruk’s distinctive culture, practiced by the Gurung people, is its main draw. Tourists are entertained with traditional dances and given the chance to dress in traditional Gurung attire and jewelry. In fact, the visitors are happy to try on the unique Gurung outfit and snap photos in an old-fashioned manner.

Additionally, the local cuisine is a significant draw, particularly for international visitors. Similarly, this village also provides horseback riding experiences for visitors. Apart from this, visitors may also enjoy playing in the snow.


So far, Approximately 100 hotels, both large and small, have been built in the village. Furthermore, there are some nicely furnished hotels. All of the accommodations are on par with the modern hotels found in the cities.

The homestays offer a package at $10 for both domestic and foreign tourists, which includes shelter and breakfast. Similarly, the hotel prices range from $20 to $30. Since the hotel serves both Nepali and other types of international cuisine, visitors to Ghandruk have no difficulties.

In general, a homestay is a little less expensive than a hotel. Additionally, you may learn about and appreciate the village lifestyle in a comfortable setting. A homestay may hold twenty to twenty-five guests. Men’s and women’s rooms are separate as well.

Ghandruk Homestay

In the beginning, camping was the primary form of tourism in Ghandruk. The village gained notoriety in 1950 following Maurice André Raymond Herzog’s first ascent of the 8,091-meter-tall Mt. Annapurna.

There were no hotels in the village at the time, but later on, there were more tourists using it as a route to Annapurna Base Camp. Only recently, in 2027 B.S., did the first hotel in Ghandruk open. It was a tourist-oriented establishment called the Fishtail Hotel.

How do I get from Pokhara to Ghandruk?

The distance between Pokhara and Ghandruk is approximately 54.8 kilometers. You can take a local at Baglung Bus Park that will take you to Birethanti within an hour. From Birethanti, you will get a local Jeep that will take you to Ghandruk within 40 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Ghandruk?

Except for the rainy seasons (June to July), the Ghandruk trip is lovely and simple to do at any time of the year. Mid-September to early May is the ideal time to experience beautiful vistas.

What is the best time to visit Ghandruk?


Currently, Ghandruk is visited by roughly 75% of international visitors to Nepal. The village itself has developed into a popular tourist attraction. Even international visitors claim that their trip would not be complete without a stop in the village.

Hence, this typical Gurung village is one of the most stunning villages in Nepal. Therefore, whenever you visit Nepal, this captivating village shouldn’t be missed on your bucket list.

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