Sauraha: Enjoy The Best Jeep Safari In Chitwan (2023)

Basically, everyone has heard of, seen, and had a lot of experience with Sauraha. One-horned rhinoceros, elephants, and Jeep safaris immediately spring to mind when Sauraha is mentioned. However, this little knowledge of Sauraha is insufficient. Sauraha is the third-most popular tourist attraction in Nepal, and it is also developing in the same manner.

It is situated in the Chitwan District of Province No. 3. In fact, it is one of Nepal’s most appealing tourist destinations. There are several hotels, lodges, resorts, and restaurants in this region, which lies in the midst of Chitwan National Park.

Sauraha is located next to Chitwan National Park, which is on the World Heritage List. The park is spread over an area of ​​932 square kilometers. Generally, this park is the common habitat of wild animals like elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, antelope, deer, peacocks, chital, badger, etc.

As a result, both domestic and international travelers flock in great numbers to this region. From basic lodging to five-star hotels, Sauraha offers it all. Its price ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 15,000 a night, while supper costs here range from Rs 300 to Rs 1,500.


It is only relevant if Chitwan and Sauraha are linked together. In general, Chitwan is well-known around the globe for its safaris and wildlife tourism. In recent years, Chitwan has grown in significance for activities other than safari travel, including conferences, family reunions, festivals, marriages, parties, and funerals.

Best Resorts In Sauraha Chitwan

Additionally, Chitwan should be linked with religious tourism. In Chitwan’s surroundings, there are Devghat, Dharmadham, Trivenidham, Dandakalika Temple, and other places of worship. Other noteworthy must-visit destinations in Chitwan include ancient sites like Siraichuli, Upardanggarhi, and Someshwargarhi near Madi in the north.

Things To Do In Sauraha

  • Observing wildlife-related activities, bird watching, and sightseeing up close can be done on elephants, jeeps, boats, or on foot.
  • Watching the birds and crocodiles that may be found in the river such as Budhi Rapti, Rapti, Dhunge Khola, etc. Additionally, a boat safari is an exciting way to view intriguing locations.
  • Visiting the facility where elephants are bred. Elephant breeding is conducted solely in the center of Nepal. This is a government-organized event. There, baby elephants (cubs) are born, develop, and grown.
  • Take a trip on an elephant. In actuality, elephants play a crucial role in boosting the nation’s economic success and the tourist industry.
  • To experience a jeep safari in the dense forest of Chitwan National Park, where you can observe wildlife such as Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopards, hippopotamuses, and many more.

What not to miss when visiting Sauraha

Elephant Safari

If you visit Sauraha, you will feel that your trip is lacking if you don’t go on an elephant safari. The elephant safari, for instance, lasts for two to three hours. You will be able to observe animals like rhinos, tigers, wildebeests, and other creatures from a distance of about 2–3 meters after riding the elephant.

Sauraha Chitwan - Elephant Safari

Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari is yet another exciting and significant feature of the Sauraha. This is based on a timetable that was created just for you to explore the community forest areas inside or outside of Chitwan National Park. This can be split into a half-time or full-time safari. Plans have been made for a 4- to 6-hour safari in some areas of the national park and in the community forest. There is a full-day group tour to go to the Kasara headquarters of the National Park.

Sauraha: Enjoy The Best Jeep Safari In Chitwan (2023)

Elephant Festival

Over 15 years ago, with the assistance of several organizations and the Regional Hotel Association of Nepal, the Elephant Festival was held in Chitwan. This annual event promotes travel, animal preservation, and the arts and is taking place in December. In particular, it draws millions of tourists both domestically and overseas.

The purpose of this elephant festival is to strengthen the bond between people and animals and to illustrate the significance of the concept that caring for animals also has benefits. The Chitwan Elephant Festival will take place this year in the playground of the Baghmara Community Forest from December 26 to January 3.

Tharu Museum

Among the lists, one must not miss the opportunity to visit the Tharu Museum, situated in the Chitwan National Park. You can observe the rare traditional tools, attire, and ornaments of the Tharu community, along with the extremely rare wildlife, at the Wildlife Display and Information Center.

Sauraha Chitwan

Tour Night Stay

Additionally, for $21, you may spend the night on a 3-story tour that is located in the heart of a lush forest. You can get a close-up look at nature and wildlife on the tour.


Jeep Safari is a thrilling ride through the lush rainforest in an open-top jeep. During a jeep safari, it is possible to closely see and photograph wild creatures. Jeep Safari provides some protection from wild animals.

Because Jeep Safaris are often conducted within the Sauraha jungle, the wildlife is accustomed to being to the right of jeeps carrying visitors and does not generally flee when the jeep approaches.

When a wild animal is encountered or noticed from a distance, safari operators will halt the vehicle. Thus, a Jeep safari is a fantastic way to watch wild creatures and go through the Sauraha jungles.