Dhumba Lake: Captivating Tourist Destination at 2830 Meters

Dhumba Lake, which is regarded as the second tourist destination in the religious and tourism area of Mustang after Muktinath, is currently developing into a draw for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Located at an altitude of 2830 meters above sea level, the natural Dhumbatal has an area of ​​about 200 meters in length and 100 meters in breadth, and its depth is about 100 meters. The splendor of the lush pine woods and the lake on the east side, near Samle, captivates visitors.


Spectacular views of the Kaligandaki corridor may be seen from Dhumba Lake, including Mt. Nilgiri in the east and the astonishing Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west. Similarly, one can enjoy the mesmerizing natural scenery of the nearby villages, apple trees, barley, and buckwheat farms.

Dhumba Lake - 2830 meters

The filming of Nepali films, as well as numerous media outlets, have fueled interest in Dhumba Lake. Tourists who have visited Muktinath Temple, Pinddan at Kagbenidham, and Upper Mustang will only return after seeing Dhumba Lake in Jomsom.

There is no doubt that the geographical beauty, quiet environment, and high altitude would captivate any traveler. Moreover, 200 meters south of the lake, there is a 1200-year-old Kuchup Teranga Buddhis Gumba.

This lake is frequently visited by both adults and youngsters. In recent times, teenagers have gravitated toward it. In fact, visitors delight in the lake’s pristine landscape.

Increment In Visitors

The number of visitors traveling to Dhumba Lake has been steadily rising since the start of spring. Since the start of summer, the number of tourists coming to Dhumba Lake has risen dramatically.

Dhumba Lake: Captivating Tourist Destination at 2830 Meters

As of the beginning of this year, there have been generally between 100 and 400 domestic visitors and 50 and 100 overseas visitors.


A few years ago, there wasn’t much discussion about the lake. The conservation management committee has established an NPR 10 entrance fee for the observation of Dhumba Lake.

Moreover, it is necessary to upgrade the road. A dirt road connects Jomsom with Dhumba Lake in the east, although it still has to be improved.

Dhumba Lake In Nepal

Recently, Dhumba Lake has become a popular tourist site for both domestic and foreign travelers. According to the locals, this has helped to promote tourism in the ancient villages of Thini and Jomsom.

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