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Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price: NPR 700 | Exclusive

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Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price

Chandragiri Hills cable car was established in 2016 B.S. From the bottom to the top, the cable car travels approximately 2.5 kilometers. Similarly, for a round-trip, the Chandragiri Cable Car ticket price costs NPR 700 for Nepali citizens. Students, senior citizens, children, and disabled people, on the other hand, are eligible for a variety of discounts.

Moreover, ticket prices vary for different countries, such as NPR 1120 for SAARC nations (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation), USD 15 for Chinese tourists, and USD 22 for other foreigners.

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price: NPR 700 | Exclusive

Recently, people are enjoying snowfall at Chandragiri Hills. Since Christmas Eve, there has been heavy snowfall in several regions of Nepal, including Chandragiri Hills. In fact, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Nepal. It lies at an altitude of 2551 meters above sea level.

In general, it is the nearest and most convenient destination for the people of Bagmati province, to experience snowfall. Similarly, it is about 15.5 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu.

Way To Chandragiri Hills

You can take a local bus from Kalanki, which will take you to Thankot within 30 minutes. Kalanki is about 10 kilometers away from Tribhuvan International Airport. Thereafter, within an 8-minute walk from Thankot, you will reach the bottom terminal of the Chandragiri Hills cable car. Besides, you can reach the destination by road as well.

However, the off-road route is quite difficult to travel, which is about 14 kilometers ride from Machhegaun to Chandragiri Hills. Actually, it is only possible by bike or jeep. Furthermore, there is a beautiful hiking trail from Machhegaun to Chandragiri Hills. The hike takes about 3 and a half hours.


Generally, snowfall is quite rare in the cities of Nepal. In fact, people must visit high altitudes, to experience snowfall. However, people in some cities, such as Pokhara and Kathmandu, may witness snowfall in the surrounding mountains or hills.

Lumle and Kande are the popular hill stations in Pokhara, where we can experience snowfall every winter. Similarly, people from Kathmandu can visit Nagarkot to experience snowfall. It is around a 1-hour drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot.

Similarly, residents of most hilly districts may experience snowfall once a year from mid-December to early February. Moreover, several districts in Nepal, such as Taplejung, Jumla, Mugu, and Humla are badly affected by heavy snowfall every year.

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price

Chandragiri Hills Cable car Nepal
Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price
Nepali CitizensNPR 700
SAARC NationsNPR 1120
Chinese TouristsUSD 15
Other NationsUSD 22
Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price

Attraction of Chandragiri

People can enjoy the panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley, along with the mesmerizing scenery of Mt. Everest and Gaurishankar Himal. Similarly, there is a beautiful park with several playgrounds for children.

Moreover, there is a beautiful restaurant with a view tower, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, with delicious continental dishes. By the way, you are not allowed to bring food to the area.

In general, it is one of the holiest places in Nepal. There is a huge temple of Lord Shiva on the top of the hill, which is a major attraction for visitors. Every year, many devotees, as well as tourists from all over Nepal, visit Chandragiri Hills.

In fact, there is a religious belief that Lord Shiva or Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple fulfills the desires of anyone who visits the temple. Also, you can see “Where Wishes Come True” written at the main entrance of the terminal.

Chandragiri Cable car Ticket Price


Chandragiri Hills has been the major tourist attraction in Nepal for the past few years. Besides, the number of tourists has skyrocketed this year due to snowfall. In fact, it is playing an important role in the development of tourism in Nepal.

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