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Khumai Dada: A Thrilling Trek In 2024

Nepal is a trekker’s haven, offering an array of routes catering to both the adventurous at heart and those seeking a shorter expedition. The Himalayas serve as a majestic backdrop to journeys that vary in length and intensity. While longer treks necessitate stamina and days on the trail, shorter paths offer a condensed yet equally

Sauraha: Enjoy The Best Jeep Safari In Chitwan (2023)

Basically, everyone has heard of, seen, and had a lot of experience with Sauraha. One-horned rhinoceros, elephants, and Jeep safaris immediately spring to mind when Sauraha is mentioned. However, this little knowledge of Sauraha is insufficient. Sauraha is the third-most popular tourist attraction in Nepal, and it is also developing in the same manner. It is situated in

Suryachaur: Paragliding Has Finally resumed (2022)

Suryachaur now offers paragliding as a second attraction. Suryachaur, a well-known natural tourist site, is currently developing into a top adventure travel destination. In Nuwakot’s Shivpuri rural municipality-7, paragliding has resumed at Suryachaur. After the start of the rainy season, paragliding was put on hold. With the start of the season, it was reopened. In

The Beauty Of Temke Maiyung (3300 meters)

Every year, numerous visitors are drawn in by the picturesque view of Temke Maiyung, a tourist attraction situated on the border of Khotang’s Kepilasgadhi Rural Municipality-1 Fedi, Bhojpur’s Tyamkemaiyum Rural Municipality-1 Timma, and Salpasilichho Rural Municipality-5 Dovane. Temke Maiyung, a popular tourist destination, is situated at an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level. You

Phidim: The Old Markets Are Slowed Down (2022)

Jorsal in Phidim Municipality-4 is the oldest market in Panchthar. This market, which has been developed as the commercial center of the district since 2025 B.S., was also a wholesale center until a decade ago. But now this market is deserted. There is zero commercial activity here. Business activity is also slow in the capital, Phidim Bazar.

The Beauty Of Shey Phoksundo Lake (3611.5 meters)

Shey Phoksundo Lake, located in the foothills of the Kanjirova Mountains, is a magical gift of nature to the Dolpa. It is clear, clean, beautiful, tranquil, and pure water. Any visitor to Shey Phoksundo Lake is enthralled by the gift of beautiful nature because of the water’s unpredictable look, which can be suddenly dark blue