Bottle Glass Restaurant 2019 Best Concept

Bottle Glass Restaurant in Pokhara is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Well, everyone is coming up with new concepts and new ideas nowadays. The competition in the restaurant line is very high. Many individuals have opened different restaurants in different foreign styles. However, Milan, a resident of Pokhara, has come up with a new concept for his restaurant.

About 12 kilometers away from Pokhara Domestic Airport, there is unique design of restaurant in the lap of Kali lekh. It is just a few miles away from Mahendra cave, which is one of the major tourist destinations of Pokhara. He has named his restaurant as Bottle Glass Restaurant & Lodge.

bottle house glass wall

Bottle Glass Restaurant & Lodge was established in July 2019, and it is quite popular in Pokhara nowadays. It has been a good hang out place for many people. It is situated in Ghatte Kuna, right next to Kali Khola, in a natural environment.

Due to its location and its unique design, many people visit from outside the valley as well. About 10 minutes away from Mahendra cave, passing through the beautiful paddy fields and typical villages, you reach Bottle Glass Restaurant & Lodge.


Earlier, Milan used to run his business in a small cottage before building his new restaurant. It used to be quite crowded due to little space. Even though, many people used to visit due to its location and especially for Buff sukuti (dried buffalo meat). So, considering the situation, Milan decided to expand his business and build a new restaurant with a new concept right next to the old one.

bottle glass restaurant and lodge

Thousands of beer bottles were used to build this restaurant. In Pokhara, Bottle Glass Restaurant and Lodge is the only restaurant, built in this unique design. Once, Milan was travelling to the eastern part of Nepal to visit some of his relatives.

On the way, he saw a unique restaurant and was inspired by its design. So, he built this restaurant imitating the same design. Well, it is quite a good idea to utilize the waste products in this way, but the question remains, is it safe?

Bottle house

There are many countries where we can find similar types of bottle houses. But, as far as I’m concerned, those are plastic bottles filled with sand and clay, which I think are much safer than glass bottles. However, when asking with the engineers, they said that it was also safe and there was nothing to worry about.

Bottle house Pokhara

Well, Bottle Glass Restaurant & Lodge has been a great spot for everyone. You can have a panoramic view of Kali Lekh, which is one of the highest hill of Pokhara, and a beautiful view of Simledhun village. Besides, fresh water of Kali Khola flows right next to the restaurant, throughout the year.

Lately, the restaurant has been undergoing maintenance recently. Milan is adding some new designs to the restaurant. There are two small swimming pools for the children. He is also building a stage for live gigs at the corner of the garden.

Bottle Glass Restaurant Pokhara

Milan, being a friendly guy, mostly teenagers like to spend the night in Bottle Glass Restaurant & Lodge. They spend the night by setting up the fire and jamming with friends, enjoying the BBQ.

In fact, the restaurant is located in a quiet natural environment, so there is no problem to make noise at night. You can take a local bus from Bagar, which will take you in approximately 30 minutes.

In addition, about a 15 minutes walk from the Bottle Glass Restaurant and Lodge, there is a huge waterfall cascading down from Kali Lekh, which will be an excellent wildlife experience for the visitors. Also, there are lots of villages nearby that are offering homestays for the visitors such as Rinjae, Garlang and Armalakot.

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