Bhuka Deurali: Promoting For Tourism [2023]

Bhuka Deurali, located in Modi Village Development Committee of Parbat district, is a must-see village. It is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. Generally, Bhuka Deurali is a typical Gurung village, with a total of 167 houses. Moreover, Bhuka Deurali is also known as Poh Nasa in Gurung language. The village is about 47 kilometers away from Pokhara.

The native mentality appears to be as powerful as the beauty of village. Locals understand the need of creating a model settlement while conserving the natural beauty of the village. In one wave, you may see a panoramic view of attractive stone-roof dwellings, as well as an original window covered in red clay and camouflage.

Similarly, in the village, there are artistic stone-paved steps that lead to each house. In addition, garbage cans and public restrooms have been built in several areas.


The appearance of the village has changed due to the improvement of roads, toilets, playgrounds and other historical structures. Similarly, locals in the village and abroad have raised funds and already invested it in the infrastructure of the village. Moreover, in order to attract tourists, homestays have been established in the area.

The clean atmosphere, mixed settlement, taste of organic produce, and kindness of the inhabitants are all contributing to Bhuka Deurali’s growing reputation as a tourist village. In general, there are public restrooms and dust-free paths, similar to those seen in developed towns, with lamps that illuminate them all night, as well as clean courtyards.

Due to the awareness of the locals, Bhuka Deurali has been designated as a model village. Locals who left the village for various services, professions, and enterprises have, in reality, carried out the effort to make the village a model village by expanding the infrastructure of the village and organizing support.

Under the model village development campaign, a 1,333-meter long stairway was built in the community, as well as 220 meters of dirt road. In addition, 49 street lights and four public restrooms have been built in the village. From Bhuka Deurali, which is blessed with natural beauty, tourists may observe the Annapurna mountain range, Jhilibarang, and Lapsibot.

Bhuka Deurali Homestay

Flowers such as Rhododendron and other species of flowers that bloom in mid-February and early March, as well as different species of birds, leopards, deer, and Kalij pheasant, have all contributed to the tourism here.

Hiking Trail

A hiking trail connecting Bhamrakot and Ghorepani is being built. If this village can be linked to hiking tourism, the number of domestic and international tourists will increase for a year. Bhuka Deurali is near Birethati, the Gandaki region’s primary trekking path. Locals are concerned because the Ghore Pani and Pun Hill hiking trails are close to the village, yet tourists are unable to access it.

Bhuka Deurali

Despite the fact that the Ghore Pani hiking trail has been opened through Birethanti, residents claim that domestic and international tourists have not been able to visit the captivating Bhuka Deurali.

Route To Bhuka Deurali

Local bus can be taken from Pokhara Baglung Bus Park, which will reach Birethanti in about one hour. From Birethanti, you will find a local jeep, which will take you to your destination within an hour and a half.

Contact: Bhuka Deurali Homestay (9866007054)


Due to a lack of publicity, Bhuka Deurali, which is situated in the shadow of Annapurna Himal, has been overlooked. The village is located on the northern slope of mountain. Furthermore, locals have finished the construction of public restrooms, homestays, and playgrounds while conserving the historic structures.

Bhuka Deurali - Public Restrooms
Bhuka Deurali – Public Restrooms

Recently, 10 homestays have come into operation in the village. In addition, the locals have started a homestay promotion program to bring this captivating village and its culture to the tourism market. Undoubtedly, it will be a great experience to explore the natural beauty of Bhuka Deurali and the village lifestyle of the Gurungs.

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