Bhedetar: Frequently Overlooked Tourist Destination (2022)

Bhedetar is one of Nepal’s most important hill stations. It is at a height of 1420 meters above sea level. People may enjoy the stunning Terai environment as well as a panoramic view of Mount Kangchenjunga, Mount Kumbhakarna, and Mount Makalu. In addition, there is a lovely hill known as Namje.

Similarly, there are many homestays in the area where travelers can experience village life and wander around the picturesque Gumba Danda nearby. Namje, meanwhile, is known as an organic community and is a popular tourism site for domestic visitors.

Bhedetar waterfall

The primary characteristic of Bhedetar, which lies 16 kilometers north of Dharan, is the sun and cloud concealing location. The lush evergreen forest covers the majority of the area. From Bhedetar to Sailung Dada, there is a lovely trekking trail. Sailung Dada is also known as Charles Tower because it was visited by UK Prince Charles in the 1980s.

Furthermore, you can reach Namaste waterfall after descending 9 kilometers from Bhedetar. Tourists also visit Namaste waterfall, also known as Simsuwa waterfall, to bathe, soak, and canonize in the cool water.

Aside from that, tourists can fly from Bhedetar to Dharan by paragliding. Both Nepalese and foreigners pay NPR 6000 for a paragliding ticket.

Tourists can also enjoy the thrill of a zip-line adventure in Bhedetar. In March of 2020, the zip line was inaugurated. The zip line is approximately 650 meters long. The zip line runs between Bhedetar and Debhithan. The zip line takes about 45 seconds to complete the entire distance.

The price of a ticket for a Nepali citizen ranges from NPR 1200 to NPR 2000. It’s broken down into three categories: exceptional, superman, and pair. Similarly, depending on the zip line class, tickets for members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and other foreigners go from $15 to $22.

Bhedetar - Paragliding

Bhedetar – Upgrading For Tourism

Eastern Nepal has seen an upsurge in hotel investment. The development of major five-star hotels has also accelerated. The construction of hotels between Biratnagar and Dhankuta, as well as from Jhapa’s Birtamod to Taplejung, has accelerated. This can be seen in Bhedetar, for example.

In the eastern region, Bhedetar, at the confluence of Sunsari and Dhankuta, has the most hotels. In Bhedetar, which is known for its changing seasons, 35 well-equipped hotels have opened, including five huge meeting halls. In the same way, 10-star hotels are being built in the near future.

Bhedetar - Upgrading For Tourism

In the area, which has the highest number of tourists in the eastern region, 35-star hotels with an investment of at least 20 million rupees and 10-star hotels with an investment of at least 50 million rupees are under development. The hotel can accommodate up to 1,000 people each night.

The non-service industry is home to the majority of the investors in the one to four-star hotels now under construction. On a daily basis, between 2,000 and 2,500 tourists visit the site. Indian tourists make up almost 40% of all visitors. In the Eastern Region, it has also been designated as one of the most popular tourist sites.


Tourists are sent to Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan by tourism organizations in Nepal. There is a group of people working to develop tourism in these three locations. Foreign tourists had previously heard of and understood Everest and Lumbini.

Aside from that, the Nepal Tourism Board arranges for travelers to visit all three locations. Despite the fact that Bhedetar was an ideal location for tourism in the east, government authorities failed to take care of it.

Bhedetar: Frequently Overlooked Tourist Destination (2022)

Although the nomads of the Eastern Terai were aware of Bhedetar’s importance, the locals believed that the Nepalis of the West were unaware of it. As a result, a strategy was devised to present Bhedetar to local and international tourists visiting western tourist destinations.

I hope that in the future, people will notice Bhedetar’s beauty. It is, without a question, one of Nepal’s most underappreciated tourist spots. The government, as well as travel agencies, must place an emphasis on and promote Bhedetar’s tourism growth in Nepal.

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