Best Homestays In Pokhara: Village Homestay

In this blog, I have listed some best homestays in Pokhara, that merit a visit. As we are all hooked up to nature, everybody likes going out hiking, putting on a camp, and spending time in nature.

Well, Pokhara is a wonderful city with lots of enchanting landscapes. It is surrounded by magnificent Himalayan ranges and many amazing hills.

Similarly, there are many beautiful villages on the high hills in Pokhara. Over the past few years, lots of villages have started a homestay facility for visitors.

Typically, local villagers offer a package of NPR 1000 per person for homestay. The package includes dinner, shelter, and breakfast.

6 Best Homestays In Pokhara

  1. Ghachok
Best Homestay In Pokhara - Ghachok Village

Ghachok is the foremost stunning, typical Gurung village, around twenty kilometers away from Pokhara. You can take any means of transport from Hari Chowk, which will take you there in around fifty minutes.

Moreover, you can see the beautiful scenery of surrounding villages like Khadarjung, Bhurjung Khola, Kotghaderi, Chyanglung, Chaura, etc., and the magnificent scenery of the Mountain range from the Ghachok village.

Similarly, you can experience the beautiful lifestyle of the Gurung people. Besides, Ghachok village is also a center point for the Machhapuchhre Model Trek.

2. Lwang 

Best Homestay In Pokhara - Lwang Village

The basic attraction of Lwang village is the Tea Farm, which is the largest Tea Farm in the western region of Nepal. Around two hours ride by bus from Baglung Bus Park, you can reach the destination. Lwang is a beautiful Gurung village, with enchanting landscapes, and rich in tradition and culture.

Moreover, all the tea produced in Lwang is exported to Europe. The Tea farm has helped a lot in the economic development of the Lwang village.

3. Mirsa

Mirsa is a typical Gurung village, around twenty kilometers away from Pokhara city. It is rich in culture and natural beauty. You can take a local bus from Bagar, which will directly take you to Tatopani.

And, after a fifteen-minute hike from Tatopani, you will reach Mirsa village. Mirsa village is in the lap of Khumai, which is one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in Nepal.

You can reach Khumai within 2 days from Mirsa village. Moreover, Mirsa village is also a starting point for the Pipar, which is one of the shortest hiking destinations in Pokhara. Generally, you can reach Peeper in just one day.

4. Armalakot

Armalakot village is situated on the slope of Armala Dada, from where you’ll be able to have a panoramic view of Pokhara Valley and the breathtaking scenery of the Annapurna range. Armala village lies on the northern side of the Kaski district.

Moreover, a huge mela (festival) occurs in Armala village during the occasion of Shree Panchami, every year.

Also, there is a temple called Siddi Mandir, where lots of devotees pay a visit to Shree Panchami. In general, Armala village is around 11 kilometers from Pokhara. You’ll be able to take a jeep from Mahendra Cave, which is one of the major tourist destinations in Pokhara. It is around a 45-minute off-road ride.

5. Ranjit (Rinjae) 

Best Homestay In Pokhara - Ranjit village

Rinjae or Ranjit, is the nearest village, around twenty minutes ride from Mahendra cave, Pokhara. It lies in the lap of Kali Lekh, encompassed by tropical woods and a cascade. Kali Lekh is one of the tallest hills in Pokhara city.

Every year, the summit is covered with snow in winter, which adds to the beauty of Rinjae village.

Moreover, numerous waterfall originates each year during the summer in Kali Lekh. Therefore, in any season, it would be appropriate to visit the Rinjae village.

6. Garlang

Among the list of the best homestays in Pokhara, Garlang village should not be missed. The local villagers of Garlang have recently started homestay facilities for visitors.

Garlang village is just a few miles away from Ranjit village, located in the lap of Kali lekh. It is about an hour’s hike from Ranjit to Garlang. Moreover, Garlang is also a Gurung village.

7. Kaskikot

Kaskikot is a beautiful village, about 13 kilometers west of Pokhara. It is located on the hilltop, from where you’ll be able to get a magnificent view of sunrise over the mountain range and a clear view of Pokhara Valley and Phewa Lake.

You’ll be able to take any means of transportation from Baglung bus park to reach Kaskikot village.

Moreover, Kaskikot village is usually famous for the Kaskikot Durbar, which is a historical site of Pokhara. The Kaskikot Durbar was built during the Shah Dynasty Era.

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