Best Cover Artists Of Nepal In 2023

In this blog, I have listed some of the best cover artists of Nepal, some of whom are well-known, while others remain unknown in 2023. In general, it has become much easier for cover artists to reach their audience these days. We can find numerous cover songs on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, SoundCloud, and many more.

In fact, there are many great cover artists in Nepal who have won the hearts of millions with their singing. In fact, some of the cover songs are even better than the original versions. Similarly, most of the cover artists have made a career out of singing as well. 

Best Cover Artists Of Nepal

  • Prayatna Shrestha

Best Cover Artists Of Nepal, Prayatna Shrestha

Prayatna Shrestha from Pokhara is one of the best cover artists in Nepal. In fact, he was the vocalist for the G9 band, the winner of the Sprite Band Challenge in 2011. However, he left his band and started his music career as a solo artist. There are numerous covers of Prayatna Shrestha on YouTube.

Among the lists, Tungnako dhunma and Samjhana cha are the most popular cover songs by Prayatna Shrestha. Undoubtedly, he has won millions of fans following all around the world. Moreover, he has also released his original songs such as Jeevan, Yo man lai, Kohi chaina, Sabda, and many more. Lately, we can find him performing live in various bars and restaurants in Nepal.

  • Prabesh Kumar Shrestha

Pravesh Kumar Shrestha, a talented boy from Kathmandu, has a lot of fan following at an early age. Basically, Prabesh started his musical journey in 2015 by uploading the cover of a song called Bholi on his YouTube channel. Bholi is one of the greatest hits by Bikki Gurung, a phenomenal singer in the Nepali music industry.

There are numerous videos of beautiful cover songs by Prabesh on his channel. However, Lakhau Hajarau is one of his best covers, which made him popular all over Nepal. Lakhau Hajarau is the most popular song of 2020 by Yabesh Thapa.

Pravesh is one of the rising stars and gems of the Nepali music industry. So far, his channel has reached 177K subscribers. Moreover, he is also a songwriter and has released several original songs on his YouTube channel.

Lately, he has released a new original song called Aau Timi, which has reached more than nine million views. In fact, this song is the first studio version song by Prabesh. Earlier, he used to record all his songs at home.

  • Roshan Limbu

Roshan Limbu Cover artist

Among the lists of best cover artists of Nepal, Roshan Limbu is one of the rising stars. Roshan Limbu started his musical journey on YouTube in 2019. Basically, he is loved by almost everyone because of his flawless singing and melodious voice.

He has uploaded numerous cover songs on his YouTube channel, and so far, he has gained 155K subscribers. Recently, one of his cover songs called Makhamali Pachheuri has reached more than 10 million views, which is truly commendable. However, Roshan has not released any of his original songs yet.

  • Ankita Pun

Ankit Pun, underrated cover artist of Nepal

Ankita Pun is one of the most underrated cover artists in Nepal. Undoubtedly, her incredible singing and soothing voice will allure every single individual. She uploaded her first cover song on YouTube in 2018. It was the cover song of Mari Jau, which is one of the popular songs by Bikki Gurung.

Similarly, we can find lots of Nepali as well as English cover songs on her YouTube channel. She has also uploaded some of her original songs. Waari Paari and Mero Katha, for example, are truly great compositions in the history of Nepali music. Besides, she has 45.2K subscribers on her YouTube channel so far. 

  • Poztive Vibre

Poztive Vivre, Best Nepali cover artist

Poztive Vibre aka Pratikshya, is one of the most talented and versatile singers in Nepal. She began her musical career in 2006 with a duet called Sambandha, featuring Anojreds. Sambandha was one of the popular songs of that time. Moreover, she has uploaded several cover songs on her YouTube and Facebook.

She has good singing skills and is equally talented at playing the guitar. Moreover, she has covered several Nepali, as well as English songs, including some tough classical songs as well. So far, her YouTube channel has 52.2K subscribers and more than 25K followers on Facebook.

  • Smriti Shrestha

Smriti Shrestha, underrated singer of Nepal

Another not to be missed on this list is Smriti Shrestha, an exceptional singer in the Nepali music industry. She has an incredible voice and has covered many Nepali, English, and Hindi songs. She uploaded her first cover song on YouTube in 2013.

Moreover, we can find her cover songs on SoundCloud as well. However, many have not discovered her yet, and her YouTube channel has reached 8K subscribers so far. Nevertheless, she is one of the best cover artists in Nepal and deserves even more attention.

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