Begnas Lake: A Captivating Lake Of 3.28 square kilometers

Anyone who witnesses Begnas Lake is amazed by its beauty. Surrounded by a lush tropical forest, it is the third-largest lake in Nepal. In general, there are a total of eight lakes in Pokhara, of which Begnas Lake is one.

The lake has a surface area of 3.28 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 10 meters. Located about 13.9 kilometers away from the city, it is one of the most visited places in Pokhara.

Way To Begnas Lake

You can get a local bus at Prithvi Chowk Bus Park, which will take you directly to the destination within 30 minutes. Furthermore, a taxi fare may cost around NPR 1000 to reach Begnas Lake from the city. However, it might be more convenient to rent a mountain bike at NPR 700–800 for the day.


  • Boating

You will find lots of wooden boats painted in various colors along the lakeshore. The cost of boating is quite cheap compared to other lakes in Pokhara. You can rent a boat at NPR 500 for an hour. However, if you need a boatman, he will charge an extra NPR 100.

Begnas Lake - Boating

You may see the reflection of the Great Himalayas in the lake. Furthermore, the cool breeze from the forest will help you relax. In reality, Begnas Lake is less crowded than Phewa Lake, so it offers a more tranquil and quiet atmosphere.

  • Fishing

Basically, fishing is quite popular in Begnas Lake as compared to other places in Pokhara. There are numerous spots available at different corners of the lake. You can hike through the forest to find the ideal location for fishing. The most common fish found in Begnas Lake is tilapia.

  • MajhiKuna

Majhikuna is one of the most popular spots in Pokhara. It is situated on the eastern banks of Begnas Lake. You may travel by boat or by vehicle to reach the destination. In general, Majhikuna is a small village of fishermen, which is now been set up with numerous restaurants and lodges.

Recently, the place is frequented by lots of visitors from the city as well as from the surrounding districts. The main attraction of this place is its captivating surroundings and the fish items served in the restaurants.

Begnas Lake - Majhikuna

Moreover, on the way to Majhikuna, there is a view tower from where you can observe the panoramic scenery of Begnas Lake as well as the Rupa Lake, along with the mesmerizing scenery of the astonishing landscapes.

  • Picnic

Begnas Lake has always been a favorite picnic spot for the people. People from the city and nearby districts visit here for picnics. There is plenty of beautiful meadows along the shore of the lake, where you may relax, play and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of the lake.


The concerned communities have been making effort to promote tourism in Begnas Lake for a long time. Recently, a foot track has been constructed along the western shore of the lake. Similarly, several benches and dustbins are placed at various posts.

The area, however, lacks the proper restroom facilities. There is just one old dilapidated toilet, and it costs you NPR 5 to use it.

Without a doubt, the lake is beautiful in its natural state. However, compared to Phewa Lake, it is not so popular among tourists. Moreover, there aren’t enough restaurants and hotels in the area.


Well, I hope that in the future, the lake will be well facilitated and will draw more attention to the visitors. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most picturesque places in the country and the vista is just amazing.

Begnas Lake - Fishing

The sight of the lake surrounded by green forests and mountains is enough to make anyone appreciate the beauty of nature and all it has to offer.

We hope you enjoyed this post about Begnas Lake in Nepal. If you are planning a trip to Nepal, you may want to consider a visit to Begnas Lake.

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