Bandipur Cable Car Project Cost Estimation NPR 1.28 Billion

The Bandipur Cable Car Company has begun construction on a cable car in Bandipur. Similarly, the corporation intends to construct other infrastructure in the area. The organization intends to construct a variety of infrastructures with the goal of offering entertainment and convenience to visitors to Bandipur.

Eventually, the Bandipur Cable Car project is presently in full flow. Bandipur Cable Car’s partners include RKD Real Estate and Construction Limited, Panchase Cable Car & Tours Limited, Tourism Investment Fund, Bandipur Village, and local communities.

Bandipur Cable Car

RKD Real Estate and Construction Limited chairman Ram Chandra Sharma stated that the corporation aims to invest NPR 1.28 billion in the whole cable car project. He claims that pillars for the cable car tower are being dug and that land winding and road widening work have been completed.

He claimed the company had intended to finish the cable car for NPR 560 million, and that it would also add a modern ‘mono-cable detachable passenger system‘ to the cable car technology, as well as supply safety equipment.

Moreover, the construction of a restaurant zone on the third floor, a shopping center on the second floor, and a cable car station, ticket desk, and north-south corridor on the first floor have begun, according to Sharma. The building, which will be built on a five-hectare site, is expected to cost NPR 450 million.


Sharma stated that discussions with the village municipality have begun to link equipment for exhibiting a night-lighting water musical and cultural show in the artificial lake in order to increase tourism in Bandipur.

Bandipur Cable Car

“The corporation has proposed working with the Bandipur village municipality to add certain equipment to make the artificial lake more appealing,” he explained.

Furthermore, to experience adventure tourism, the corporation has indicated that it will invest in a mountain jungle safari service from Bandipur to Chimkeshwari Fedi.

According to Bandipur Cable Car Private Limited, the capital would be established on a model of private, community, cooperative, government, and institutional partnership and management to secure involvement from all sectors in the project.

Moreover, to attract tourists, the business plans to construct a well-equipped modern complex in Bandipur. Similarly, a modern lookout tower will be built on the rooftop, a function hall will be built on the ninth floor, and a well-equipped 80-room hotel will be built on the eighth, seventh, sixth, fifth, and fourth floors of the complex.

To do this, the company’s conversion to a public limited company is nearing completion, and the corporation has announced that it will classify all parties and distribute shares to small investors by forming tourism cooperatives. Similarly, the corporation has asked all Tanahun inhabitants to participate in the project.

Bandipur | Tourist Attraction

Bandipur is one of the most popular tourist sites in the Tanahun district, often known as the Queen of Hills. It is also a historically significant location. At an elevation of 1030 meters above sea level, Bandipur is a typical village.

Bandipur - Tourist Attraction

In fact, the village is rich with old traditional mud cottages, giving tourists a nostalgic feeling. Every year, a large number of people from all around Nepal come to Bandipur.

Moreover, it is also a well-known hill station in the Tanahun district. From the settlement, we have a panoramic view of the Himalayan range and breathtaking surroundings. Bandipur, meanwhile, is a renowned hiking site. Aside from that, many people prefer to go for a picnic, go cycling, and so on.


Bandipur is a beautiful historical town where many tourists flock to enjoy its natural beauty. Therefore, Bandipur Cable Car will definitely play a vital role in promoting the location by drawing a large number of visitors.

Visitors can enjoy thrilling cable car rides, along with the astonishing scenery of the Great Himalayas, pleasant valleys, and tropical forests. They can bring home a wealth of positive emotions and memories.

Bandipur Cable Car | Probably The Best Tourist Attraction #1

Undoubtedly, Bandipur Cable Car will be the best tourist attraction in Nepal and play a vital role in the tourism development of Bandipur in the coming days. Moreover, it will help in the economic development of the village as well.

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