Bandipur | Best Cultural And Historical Destination (2022)

Bandipur is one of Nepal’s best cultural and historical tourist destinations. It is located in the Tanahun district of Nepal. In fact, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Nepal.

Bandipur | Best Cultural And Historical Destination


In general, Tanahun was the district headquarters under the Panchayat system till 2025 BS. Later on, it became a municipality in 2069 BS when the municipality was added.

The Bandipur Municipality of Savik has now been renamed Bandipur Village Municipality, in keeping with Nepal’s new provincial structure.

Bandipur was once the most important trading hub in the region. Tanahun, Kaski, Lamjung, and Gorkha became trading centers and markets for importing and exporting commodities from Chitwan later on.

Basically, it became a tourist destination after the Tanahu district headquarters were relocated to Damauli in 2025 BS.


Bandipur’s urban structure is thought to be two hundred and fifty years old. It is distinguished by the Newar caste’s lifestyle, culture, and natural beauty. In the areas surrounding Bandipur, Magar culture can also be seen.

Another highlight is the panoramic vista of the Himalayas. Not only the mountains, but also the meadows, hills, and villages of Tanahu, Lamjung, and Gorkha districts can be seen from Tundikhel, which is only ten minutes away from the market.

Furthermore, the Jugal Himal to the north of Bhaktapur can be seen from the destination. Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Himachuli, and Annapurna are also visible, as are Dhaulagiri and Kanjirova Himal. The valleys produced by the Himal and Marshyangdi rivers delight anybody who arrives in Bandipur.

Bandipur is also well-known for its hiking opportunities. Bandipur oranges can be seen in Mansir while looking at the mountains. From May through July, visitors are greeted by Sungabha in a variety of 24 types. There is also no issue in finding a place to stay.

Old Newari houses have been converted into medium-class hotels and homestays, in addition to well-equipped resorts. There is an arrangement in some of the houses here to remain as a paid guest in exchange for food and breakfast.

Tourist Destination

Bandipur has recently become a destination not just for foreign tourists but also for rural tourists, as seen by the bustle of people and homestay cottages. The Bandipores are now seeking new tourism spots in the area.

The inmates have even arranged for tourists to stay in their homes. To attract travelers, a variety of accommodations from homestays to three-star hotels are available.

Bandipur - A Historical Tourist Destination In Nepal

Tourists are generally drawn to a location because of its climate, culture, and rituals. Even tourists who only intend to remain for one day do not return after a few more days.

In general, visitors are pleased to witness Bandipur’s lovely settlement. Tourist appeal has increased as a result of homes based on traditional Newari culture. Picnics are also held here by students from other districts.

Way To Bandipur

Bandipur is 8 kilometers from Dumre Bazaar, which is 143 kilometers from Kathmandu, and 73 kilometers from Pokhara. Tanahu’s district headquarters, Damauli, is 18 kilometers away from Dumre. It is located at 1030 meters above sea level in the Mahabharata range.

The serpentine curve of the Marshyangdi and Chudin rivers can also be seen along the journey. Similarly, the Marshyangdi Power House and the exquisite cave of Vimalnagar may be seen on the journey from Muglin to Kathmandu.

Bandipur, A Religious Site

The Queen Of Hills is another name for Bandipur. Tourists have turned their attention to historical religious sites. The principal religious sites of Vindyavashini, Thanidevi, Narayan, Parpani Mahadev, Tindhara Mahadev, and Mukundeshwari are considered to be the temples of Khadak Devi, which were built in the 18th century.

Similarly, tourists enjoy Gaijatra, Bisket Jatra, Wagh Jatra, Lakhe, and Pauduri Jatra of Newari culture throughout the month of Jatra.

Bandipur - A Religious Site


The beautiful atmosphere, clean roads, and homestay facilities in practically every house astound visitors who come for the first time. Bandipur is known for both its natural beauty and its hospitality.

Moreover, despite its tiny size, it is regarded as a picturesque Newari hill station as well as a historical market.

Similarly, it has remained one of the few hill stations that are not as commercialized and touristy as Pokhara and its surrounding areas. The small town in Tanahun district offers a rare opportunity for tourists to see a different aspect of Nepal.

Today, it is not just a picturesque historical town but also a major trading center for the area. Bandipur is without a doubt one of Nepal’s most beautiful attractions.

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